Trump Opens a New Front in His War against Hillary Clinton: Bill Clinton’s Record of Sexual Violence

“Commit a crime and the earth is made of glass.  Commit a crime and it seems as though a coat of snow fell on the ground, such as reveals in the woods the track of every partridge and fox and squirrel and mole.  You cannot recall the spoken word.  You cannot wipe out a foot track.  You cannot draw up the ladder so as to leave no inlet or clew.  Some damning circumstance always transpires.  The laws and substances of nature—water, snow, wind, gravitation—become penalties to the thief.”  —Ralph Waldo Emerson

“Every crime known to man is a form of theft.”  —Old Southern Saying


Trump Defends Himself against the War-on-Women Card

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Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump responded to Hillary Clinton’s accusation that he had “demonstrated a penchant for sexism,” by tweeting, on Monday, December 28th, 2015, “If Hillary thinks she can unleash her husband, with his terrible record of women abuse, while playing the women’s card on me, she’s wrong!”


Hillary & Bill: Thick as Thieves

During an interview on Fox & Friends, Trump expressed the notion that Bill Clinton’s anti-woman behavior is “fair game” since Hillary insists on accusing Trump of sexism.  And why would Bill not be fair game?  Hillary and Bill were—and still are—partners in crime.  Hillary aided and abetted Bill, time and again, throughout their joint political career in covering up one theft of a woman’s dignity after another.


Here Is a List of Bill’s Most Easily-Verifiable Criminal Acts

The First Case We Know About: Eileen Wellstone, a 19-year-old English woman, reported, in 1969, that Clinton sexually assaulted her, after meeting with her at a pub near Oxford, where Clinton was a Rhodes Scholar.  Clinton claimed the sex was consensual, and the Wellstones declined to pursue the matter.

The Second Case We Know About: A 22-year-old woman at Yale, in1972, filed a report of sexual assault with the Yale campus police against Clinton, a law student at the time.  In the end, the woman—who wished to remain anonymous—chose not to file formal charges.

The Third Case We Know About: A co-ed at the University of Arkansas, in 1974, complained that Clinton, in his role as a law-school instructor, tried to block her exit from his office.  Clinton groped the breasts of the student and reached inside her blouse.  The woman complained to her faculty advisor, but Clinton claimed the student had been acting seductively.  (Other students at Arkansas also made informal claims but never filed any formal actions.)

Bill Clinton's War on WomenThe Fourth Case We Know About: Juanita Broaddrick, a volunteer for the Clinton gubernatorial campaign in 1978, reported that Clinton raped her, bruising and tearing her lip as he bit her during the sexual assault.  (From 1978 to 1980, during Clinton’s first term as Arkansas governor, Arkansas state troopers fielded at least seven complaints from women claiming that Clinton forced himself—or attempted to force himself—on them sexually; but no formal charges are known to have been filed.)

The Fifth Case We Know About: Carolyn Moffet, a legal secretary and an attendee at a Clinton fundraiser in Little Rock in 1979, met Clinton in his hotel room after the event, having been escorted there by a state trooper.  When she went in, Clinton was clad only in an undershirt.  He pointed to his penis and instructed Moffet to perform fellatio.  When Moffet said no, he grabbed her head and forced it between his legs.  Moffet wasted no time in making good her escape.

The Sixth Case We Know About: Elizabeth Ward, a former Miss Arkansas who won the Miss America Pageant in 1982, was victimized by Bill Clinton in 1981, when he physically forced her to have sex with him, according to friends she complained to shortly afterwards.  In a published interview, subsequent to the event, Ward changed her story, saying the sex was consensual.  However, her close friends say Ward privately still maintains her claim that Clinton raped her.

The Seventh Case We Know About: Paula Corbin, an Arkansas state worker, filed charges of sexual harassment against Clinton in 1991, after an encounter in Little Rock’s Excelsior Hotel, where Clinton exposed his penis to her and demanded oral sex.  Corbin, whose name is now Paula Jones, recently collected $850,000 in cash to settle her lawsuit against Clinton.

The Eighth Case We Know About: Sandra Allen James, a political fundraiser, found herself in Clinton’s Washington, DC, hotel room in 1991, where Clinton pinned her against a wall and forced his hand up her dress.  James screamed loudly, prompting an Arkansas state trooper to bang on the door from outside the room.  Clinton, startled by the interruption, released James, and she fled.  When James told her boss what had happened, he told her to remain silent or she would lose her job.

The Ninth Case We Know About: Christy Zercher, a flight attendant, was attacked sexually by Clinton in 1992, during Clinton’s presidential campaign.  Clinton exposed his penis, grabbed Zercher’s breasts, and demanded oral sex.  White House attorney Bruce Lindsey later exerted pressure on Zercher not to publicize the incident.

The Tenth Case We Know About: Kathleen Willey, a volunteer in the White House, reported that Clinton fondled her breast and forced her hand against his penis in the Oval Office, during November of 1993.  Willey’s reputation was called into question by the White House, after she spoke of the sexual assault in an interview with 60 Minutes.


Hillary’s Complicity

It is understandable that Ms. Clinton may have had a hard time believing that her husband could actually be a serial rapist, early in their relationship.  But, when the pattern of sexual violence continued throughout many years of marriage, Ms. Clinton’s complicity in Bill’s criminal behavior over time became inexcusable—especially for a Democrat presidential contender who accuses Republicans again and again of instituting a “war on women.”

Hillary Clinton, whom people are beginning to call Hillary “Benghazi” Clinton, might be more deserving of the moniker “Rape-Enabler,” since it was she who allowed Bill’s bad behavior to continue.  Hillary could have spoken up about her husband’s criminal capers at any time, but, instead, she chose to remain silent during all the years that Bill was playing the rapist in his own personal war on women.

Yes, Hillary failed to help any of Bill’s victims, choosing the side of her rapist husband in every instance.  But, of course, this was nothing new, behaviorally speaking, for Hillary.  As Bill would have known, upon getting married to Hillary in October of 1975, his new bride’s first criminal case had been the legal defense of a rapist in May of that same year.  Coincidence?  Or was Bill, perhaps on some level, looking for a partner who would be up to the job of defending him in similar situations in the future?  Socrates is said to have given the following advice: “Know thyself.”  Perhaps Bill Clinton did know himself—but all too well.  And so—it would appear—did Hillary. . . .

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