Trump on Texas Massacre: ‘It’s About Mental Health, not Guns’

On Sunday, our hearts mourned again for the loss of life when a maniac walked into a Texas church and shot down innocent people.

Of course, the left immediately blamed gun owners and the NRA, even though cried that all Muslims aren’t to blame after a Muslim terrorist mowed down innocent people in New York last week. A bit hypocritical, eh? Then again, the left usually is.

President Donald Trump spoke out about the shooting from overseas in Tokyo during a press conference, and said that this is not a “guns situation” but rather a “mental health problem at the highest level.”

WSBTV reports:

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Devin Kelley, the man authorities have identified as the gunman, was discharged from the Air Force several years ago for allegedly assaulting his spouse and a child, according to an Air Force spokeswoman.

While no officials have publicly questioned Kelley’s mental health, Trump said that “is your problem here.” He offered no details.

Trump continued, “This was a very, based on preliminary reports, a very deranged individual. A lot of problems over a long period of time,” he said, “We have a lot of mental health problems in our country, as do other countries. But this isn’t a guns situation.”

The attack happened Sunday morning when a man dressed in black tactical-style gear and armed with an assault rifle opened fire inside a Baptist church in a small South Texas community, killing 26 people and wounding at least 16 others in what the governor said is the deadliest mass shooting in state history.

Trump first tweeted that he was monitoring the situation from Japan. He later described the shooting as an “act of evil” during remarks to a gathering of American and Japanese business executives. Abe also offered condolences.

According to Air Force spokeswoman Ann Stefanek, Kelley was served in the Logistics Readiness at Holloman Air Force Base, and was dishonorably discharged in 2014 after serving 12 months in confinement.

As Kelley left the scene, authorities said he was confronted by an armed resident who engaged the suspect, who later was found dead in his vehicle.

Trump stated that “fortunately somebody else had a gun that was shooting in the opposite direction otherwise it (wouldn’t) have been as bad as it was. It would have been much worse.” I cannot agree more with the president!

He added, “But this is a mental health problem at the highest level. It’s a very, very sad event.”

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