Trump Meets With Leaders in the African-American Community [VIDEO]

Donald Trump met with numerous Republicans in the African-American and Hispanic community at Trump Tower to discuss his outreach to minorities. He emphasized the failure of Hillary Clinton and the Democratic party in addressing concerns of the Black community, even saying that the Democrats have “been very disrespectful” to those of color.

He also addressed his immigration policy, stating that he will be making a speech on that subject over the next week or so.

Liberals will obviously retort that this meeting doesn’t count as reaching out to the Black community, because they were all Republicans. Blacks are not allowed to be conservatives or Republicans. In fact, if they don’t support the Democratic Party, they’re said to be “Uncle Toms” who are “acting white.”

Donald Trump:  “We were just talking about the fact that we have great relationships, and the numbers are going up with the African-American community rapidly. We’ve had, you know, and I’ve always had great relationships with African-American communities, and now I’ve made it such a focal point. [Pastor Mark] Burns has been with us all the way, and he sees what’s happening, he sees what’s going on.

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“But I’ve made it a very important focal point in the speeches themselves, talking about the little work that’s been done by the Democrats for African-Americans. They’ve done, they’ve been very disrespectful as far as I’m concerned to the African-American population of this country.

“And we are making it a very important part of our speeches and of our thought process. And it’s had a tremendous impact. It’s had a tremendous impact.”

Ben Carson:  “And would you say that what you been emphasizing is the fact that in order to Make America Great Again, we have to make all of it great again, including our inner cities —

Trump:  “Including the Hispanics, African-Americans, it’s got to be everybody or we don’t have a great country.

“We have a divided country. And it’s been a very important part, most of you have been at my speeches over the last couple of weeks, it’s been a very important element. It’s been very, very important, and it’s having an impact. You see what’s going on with the polls.

“The polls just came out, CNN just came out, we’re leading — a couple of them have come out. We’re leading in Florida. We’re doing well all over. And I guess nationally, in a couple, we’re also leading. Big difference. And they’re getting — people are hearing the message.

“But a very important part of the message for me is the African-American community because they have really been let down by Hillary Clinton and the Democrats.”

Reporter:  “Are you going to need to give an immigration speech at some point to lay out all these points you’ve been making?”

Trump:  “Sure, I will. I will be doing that, I’d say, over the next week. I look forward to that. Very strong on illegal immigration. Don’t let the media fool the media. [laughter] Very strong on illegal immigration. We have to be. We have no choice. We either have a country or we don’t. We either have borders or we don’t. The wall is very important, but so I’ll be making a speech on that I would say over the next week laying out an exact plan, and I think people will have great respect for the plan. Okay?”

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