Trump Lets Democrats Have it Over Government ‘Shutdown’ Threats

The Trump administration has been working closely with GOP leaders in Congress to craft a budget bill that will win enough support to ensure that the government does not shut down in the coming weeks. The White House has been quite open about the concessions that they are willing to make and have even spoken about putting the border wall on the back-burner in an effort to give Democrats no excuse to oppose the budget.

Sadly, even with all of the concessions that the White House and Congressional GOP have made, the Democrats continue to threaten to shut down the government. Even worse, it seems likely that the media will assist the Democrats in their efforts to derail passage of a budget by blaming Republicans for the looming shutdown.

The tension between the two sides led the President to take to Twitter early Thursday morning to make his feelings known. It started with a tweet at 7:30am and culminated in another series of tweets a few hours later. The President laid out a pithy argument exposing the Democrats hypocrisy and intransigence.

Here’s the series of thought strung together for easier reading:

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The Democrats want to shut government if we don’t bail out Puerto Rico and give billions to their insurance companies for OCare failure. NO! I want to help our miners while the Democrats are blocking their healthcare. I promise to rebuild our military and secure our border. Democrats want to shut down the government. Politics! What’s more important? Rebuilding our military – or bailing out insurance companies? Ask the Democrats. Democrats jeopardizing the safety of our troops to bail out their donors from insurance companies. It is time to put #America First Democrats used to support border security — now they want illegals to pour through our borders. As families prepare for summer vacations in our National Parks – Democrats threaten to close them and shut down the government. Terrible!

The Democrats should be very careful with how they handle this budget battle because with President Trump in the White House this is not the same GOP that allowed itself to be blamed for every other budget showdown of the last 20 years.

You can be sure that President Trump will not allow the Democrats, or the media, to pretend that the only villains in the budget battle are on the Republican side of the aisle. As the saying goes, ‘it takes two to tango,’ and the Democrats will bear the burden of responsibility if the government shuts down this time.

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