Trump Lays Out These 5 “Shared Goals” With Mexico

On Wednesday Donald Trump made an impromptu visit to Mexico to meet with Mexican President Enrique Peña Níeto to discuss relations between our two nations. Trump has made waves in the past with his direct, and sometimes harsh, rhetoric about illegal immigration and directed at Mexico. However, when the Mexican President invited him to Mexico earlier this week, Mr. Trump seemingly jumped at the chance to explain himself to our neighbor to the South. By all accounts the meeting went well, and both men felt comfortable with the developing dialogue and where the partnership could lead our nations.

On CNN’s New Day Indiana Governor and GOP Vice Presidential nominee Mike Pence (R-IN) explained why Mr. Trump dropped everything to meet with President Níeto.

Transcript from RCP (starts before the video actually picks up):

Where the American people are focused now is on security, on getting this economy moving again, ending the flood of illegal immigration, upholding our Constitution and really making sure we have the highest standards of ethics in the highest office in the land.

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I think what people will see tonight in the broad shouldered leadership of Donald Trump in that speech is — is — is the kind of leadership that speaks to all of that. But I’ve got to tell you, I’m just really proud. I’m really proud to stand with this man and to see what a decisive leader he is. Here he gets an invitation late in the week from the president of our neighbor to the south and it would’ve been very easy to say let’s get together, let’s talk for days and days and figure out how to make this happen…

Donald Trump is someone that says we got an invitation, we got an opportunity, lets drop what we’re doing… He’s going to go and sit down and begin a relationship that I truly do believe is going to be in the interest of the United States of America. And we’re going to — we’re going to make clear, we’re going to put America first. But you know, there’s an old saying in Indiana that good fences make good neighbors. And the way we can be good neighbors is with strong leadership in the United States as a start.

After the two men met, President Níeto and Mr. Trump delivered remarks in a joint statement to the press. Níeto thanked Mr. Trump for his willingness to meet and discuss the future and how our two nations could work together to build an even stronger friendship. Mr. Trump reciprocated by thanking the Mexican President for inviting him to speak frankly about the difficulties both of our nations face and for being willing to hear him out. He made it clear that Mexico is a dear and valued friend of the United States and that he knows that both our nations want the same thing – prosperity for our people. Trump told the press that their conversation centered in on 5 key points:

He said he told Pena Nieto that action needs to be taken to stem the tremendous outflow of jobs from the United States. He says prosperity and happiness will increase if the two countries work together on five shared goals:

1) ending illegal immigration;

2) having a secure border (he says it is a sovereign right and a physical barrier can be built to stop the flow of illegal weapons and drugs);

3) dismantling drug cartels and ending the movement of weapons and funds across the border;

4) improving NAFTA (he says it is a 22-year-old agreement that must be updated to “reflect the realities of today”…. Trump says industry must be kept in “our hemisphere”… he says workers in both countries need “a pay raise”);

5) Keep manufacturing wealth “in our hemisphere.”

This meeting and the seriousness with which Mr. Trump took it prove two things – Donald Trump is ready to fight for the White House, and Hillary Clinton should be very concerned. If Mr. Trump can continue to conduct himself in the manner that he did today, Hillary Clinton will soon find herself in a world of trouble.

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