Trump Launches Investigation into Voter Fraud…What the Mainstream Media are Ignoring

When Two and Two Equals Six

When listening to the daily moans of those former gleeful and expectant democrats, the above mentioned numbers are reflective of their group’s state of despondency.  Sadly, their disjointed approach of obstructionism is a last ditch hope which indicates their dire reality.

Since the early morning hours of November 9th, when grown men were on the brink of tears when attempting to report those shocking election results, this aftermath of democrat denial has now become strengthened with the media’s agenda of personal slander and blatant falsehoods.  However, akin to the election, what determines the media’s effectiveness will hinge upon the reactions of average America.

The latest Comey episode, revolving around his unexpected firing, has necessitated another democrat reversal as they “on a dime” dismiss their recent Comey support.  Even the stoutest of supporters must wonder what tomorrow will bring.

In concert with this obstructive Democrat platform, our President’s effort to unearth election discrepancies is now in the media’s crosshairs, even to the point of nudging the Comey controversy to the rear seats.

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With critical commentary of this new endeavor, Ken Thomas writes in his AP release,  “launching a commission to review alleged voter fraud and voter suppression, building upon his unsubstantiated claims that millions of people voted illegally in the 2016 election.”  This writer begins his third paragraph with, “Trump has alleged, without evidence…”   This prose would be damning if true but what would “fake news” be without its fakery?

It just so happens that available documented facts reduces this AP release to the circular file.  Aside from the sinking integrity of today’s media product, the theory suggests that once in the public venue, it will remain viable.

It just so happens that Judicial Watch conducted a panel study manned by four top experts on election integrity which produced a more credible reality than just assailing based upon political desires.

To quote Cleta Mitchell, a partner and political law attorney at Foley & Larner LLP, “There is a systematic, well-funded effort by left wing, liberal, progressive elements – whatever you want to call them – and now the Democratic Party, openly, to essentially dismantle the election administrative system in our country…”

One of the four experts, panelist Hans von Spakovosky of the Heritage Foundation stated, “The United States has a long history of voter fraud that has been documented and can make a difference in a close election.  Those are the words of the Supreme Court.”

Even if one considers this to be bitter partisanship, the Supreme Court stands impartial with its condemnation.  Furthermore, Robert Popper, another panelist who served in the Justice Department under Obama added to this incredibility with, “Two hundred and twenty-six counties in 42 states had more actual voters than registered voters.”  This alone provides credence to President Trump’s assertions!

Time and again, the media’s mad dash to vilify and degrade President Trump’s various positions only results with our new President being validated. And as this enlightening JW report indicates, Trump’s concerns remain worthy and justified.

When has an AP release cited the fact that there are over 20 million illegal aliens who are of voting age?  Recall is futile since this is just another inconvenient tidbit which eludes the media’s attention!

Overall, just what is so wrong with maintaining strict voter requirements?  In this land of freedom there exists individual responsibilities of which one is registering to vote.  Just how could this be interpreted in the context of “voter suppression?”  Mr. Thomas chose to include this charge from the lips of the primary jilted Sen. Sanders.  This Vermont Senator elaborated with, “The sole purpose of this commission is to propagate a myth…”

It is incredulous that the previous administration took an approach which through legal channels, sought to challenge and suppress “election integrity measures.”  Obviously, such efforts earned frowns when Obama presided.

As the above mathematics suggests, Americans have been inundated with the absurd on a routine basis.  Whether it be the media’s pipe dreams of Russian hacking or the Trump/ Russian soap opera, at some point, as failed media accusations continue to mount, that erroneous number “six” may in fact foretell the further “deep sixing” of the media’s worth!

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