Trump is NOT Winning – He’s Just NOT Losing Either


Nationally syndicated conservative talk radio host Michael Medved recently appeared on MSNBC to argue that Donald Trump was not actually winning the GOP primary race. The problem is that he’s not actually losing, either.

Medved argued that while Trump may be leading in the race for delegates, he has not yet won a majority of Republican voters in any of the primary states. (In fact, thus far Trump has won about 35% of GOP primary voters.) Medved continues by pointing out that the majority of Republican voters actually oppose Trump, which is why Medved believes there still remains hope to stop Trump from being the GOP candidate.

Tamron Hall: So then why is he growing the party, Michael? Why is the GOP seeing record turnout around the country? Why do you look at the map and he’s winning in the south, winning in Massachusetts, is he not expanding the party?

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Michael Medved: He’s not winning. There isn’t a single state where he has won the majority of the votes. Most people are voting against him. I know people who are coming out to GOP primaries to vote against Donald Trump. Because they believe that his direction for the country is wrong and it gets back to the snake oil. I mean, it’s like if you’re angry because you bought some snake oil and it didn’t work, and you bought a gallon of it, are you come back and say I want a barrel of snake oil?

That’s what he’s doing. And by the way, it was what was wrong with Barack Obama. he promised things he could not deliver. We can’t do that again.

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