Trump Hits Back on Russian Conspiracy Theory Pushed by the Media

The way the media uses the term, a conspiracy theory is anything that questions the official story propagated by the political and media establishment. By default, the media and political establishments do not push conspiracy theories, regardless of whether or not the “official story” has any evidence. If the media’s reporting it, it’s the “truth,” by definition. If the media doesn’t report on something, then it doesn’t exist. By definition. Any questions raised, evidence or counterevidence presented is immediately labeled “conspiracy theory.” This is how they [attempt to] control the narrative.

Anyone who questioned the official narrative of the 9/11 terrorist attack was labeled a conspiracy theorist. All you had to do was utter the phrase “controlled demolition,” and the media would go haywire, falling over themselves vying to be the first person to shout “conspiracy theorist!” as a retort. “Everyone knows ‘controlled demolition’ isn’t real! The only way buildings can fall down is if planes fly into them! Conspiracy theorist!!” 

The thing is, no matter where you were in terms of who was actually behind 9/11, in reality, they were all conspiracy theories.

It doesn’t matter if you believed it was a well thought-out plot by radical Islamic terrorists, or if you thought that the CIA or military-industrial complex was behind it, both are conspiracy theories. One conspiracy theory was held by the media and political establishment, so by definition, it was called the “official story.” All others were “conspiracy theories.”

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Russia’s supposed involvement in our election by a “sophisticated propaganda campaign” to spread so-called “fake news” across social media to prop up Trump as the new U.S. “dictator” might be the “official story,” but it’s just as much of a conspiracy theory as the one offered by 9/11 truthers. (In fact, I’d say evidence contradicting the official 9/11 narrative vastly outweighs anything they have on this Russian conspiracy.) Regarding this Russian hacker conspiracy theory, Trump tweeted out:

Why wasn’t it brought up before the election? Because they knew that Hillary was going to win. There was no need to invent a conspiracy theory beyond some dubious “connection” that Trump and his campaign supposedly had with Russia. That piece of fake news was designed to bring Trump down, but it backfired.

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