Trump Has Exposed the False Narrative of the Left on Racism in America

“The word ‘racism’ is like ketchup. It can be put on practically anything—and demanding evidence makes you a ‘racist.’”  —Thomas Sowell


Mexico Sends Its Disenfranchised People Northward

Mexico largely fails in its responsibility to aid its citizens in developing new job skills, refuses to take proper care of its mentally ill population, and does not do enough to make sure that it is incarcerating its most violent felons.  Although the Inter-American Development Bank has helped to some extent with financing job training programs, like the recent 300 million dollar loan to the Mexican government, this kind of measure is probably only being taken due to economic distress within the United States.  When it comes to caring for the mentally-ill, Mexico’s help is limited, insufficient, and, in many cases, bordering on the barbaric.  And about two-thirds of Mexico’s prisons are now controlled by their dangerous inmate populations, a serious matter that needs to be resolved.

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So, what does Mexico do, to solve many of the societal ills that plague it?  Mexico encourages its disenfranchised people to travel northward.  It is much cheaper and easier to encourage workers to go to America for jobs and medical care.  And, if you can manage to have a baby in America, the current US policy is one of enabling the entire family to receive food stamps and other benefits, far in excess of anything Mexico offers.  If a family member is mentally ill, establishing yourself in America may well lead to free care for your mentally-ill family member.  And Mexico will not police its border, even against drug smugglers.  Mexico finds it cheaper by far to allow drug dealers and cartel members to get caught and incarcerated on the other side of the border in the United States.  Mexican governmental policies, therefore, promote migration northward.  There is no question about this practice.


America Just Want What Mexico Wants

America just wants the same thing that Mexico wants—especially when it comes to Mexican murderers, rapists, and other violent criminals.  America wants them out of the country.  In other words, Mexico wants to be rid of them, and America, likewise, wants to be rid of them.  Mexicans wanting to get rid of Mexican criminals is all right.  But Americans wanting the same thing is called “racism.”  Actually, it is only called “racism” by the Leftist media, not by people with common-sense.  What common-sense people—many of whom are considered to be conservatives, libertarians, or independents—despise in the mainstream media is the attempt to target, as racist, those who speak up on this issue, calling the Mexican government on its bad behavior.


Trump Speaks Out

Angry Donald TrumpDonald Trump has highlighted the problem of how sanctuary cities—which are protected by the Democrats—protect violent illegal aliens, thus leading to the deaths of innocent human beings—legal and illegal alike—who would still be alive, if immigration laws had been enforced.  Trump brought up the case of Kate Steinle, a San Francisco woman murdered by a repeat offender who should have been deported, except for his illegal protection by Democrats and their progressive policies.

Of course, in the “politically-correct world of the Left,” any discussion of the unlawful protection of criminal illegal aliens is likely to get you labeled a hater of ALL illegals.  And, even if the discussion is about the illegal-alien problem in general, the Left will also accuse you of meaning ONLY MEXICANS by any references you may have made to a problem that is larger in scope than just Mexico.  This is a dishonest game—a game in which liars and cheaters draw up the rules and then accuse anyone who disagrees with those rules as being guilty of racism.  Many Americans are so sick of being accused of bigotry and racism—merely because they wish to discuss what they see as real problems in our country, so we can solve them—that the media’s vilification of Trump’s comments on illegal immigration made Trump the beneficiary of a giant, anti-media backlash.  Trump, who is a well-known figure throughout the country, cannot easily be portrayed as a racist.  His track record of plain-dealing and fairness in business deals with people of almost every ethnicity and background renders such spurious accusations incredible.


Trump as Culture Hero

Trump has become a culture hero.  He speaks for those who are tired of being wrongly accused of racism, just because they want to have serious, problem-solving discussions about illegal immigration and other sensitive matters plaguing the country.  So, Trump has continued to talk about the issue, even in the face of Leftist sponsorship of a heckling bounty that was recently put out on him by a race-baiting Latino group called Deport Racism.

Appearing on Saturday Night Live (SNL), on November 7, 2015, Trump poked fun at himself with regard to the false narrative of the racism issue.  At one point early in the show, Larry David—who had performed a hilarious impersonation of Bernie Sanders during the show’s opening skit—heckled Trump from off-stage, calling him a racist.  The SNL audience laughed uproariously.  Then came Trump’s response: “I knew this was going to happen.  Who is that?”  Larry David shouted out again, repeating his charge of racism.  “What are you doing?” Trump asked, to which Larry David replied in jest, “I heard if I yelled that, they’d give me $5,000!”  David was referring to the heckling bounty.  (Watch the now-famous exchange from SNL here.)


Fact Is Stranger than Fiction

Deport Racism has now formally announced on Twitter that, while Larry David was only joking when he spoke on SNL, during Trump’s monologue, they will indeed pay him the heckling bounty, as promised.  David, who is famous for having created Seinfeld and Curb Your Enthusiasm, has not stated whether or not he will accept the heckling bounty.

Who knows?  Perhaps David will take the money and use it to make a contribution to the Donald Trump presidential campaign.  Such an action would not only be morally justified, but wrily humorous as well.  Like something out of a Seinfeld episode. . . .

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