Trump Gains on Hillary in Latest Poll

From the Daily Caller News Foundation:

Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton clung to her 50 percent mark in the newest national poll published Wednesday by Bloomberg, but Republican nominee Donald Trump narrowed the gap to 6 points from 10 points.

Clinton earned 50 percent in the poll, compared to Donald Trump’s 44 percent support.

When the race was expanded to the four nominees currently on the ballot, Clinton earned 44 percent, Trump earned 40 percent, Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson earned 9 percent, and Green Party candidate Jill Stein earned 3 percent.

Clinton was able to strengthen her support among Democrats. Ninety four percent of Democrats supported Clinton, and 93 percent of former Sanders supporters voted for Clinton over any other candidate.

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Trump earned 87 percent of Republicans, steady from previous polls.

Clinton has, however, maintained a 50 percent or higher lead in head to head polls since the Democratic National Convention.

“The question following a convention bounce is how much of it will stick, as memory of the event and excitement fades,” Poll Director J. Ann Selzer said. “For Clinton, the contest is far from settled, but she is on solid ground.”

Clinton earned greatest support among non-whites at 66 percent, people in the Northeastern states at 65 percent, voters under the age of 30 at 61 percent, and 55 percent of women.

Trump did well among white men with no college degree, earning 76 percent among that group. Evangelicals also heavily sided with Trump, with 59 percent of the group backing the Republican nominee. Trump also earned a comparatively low 48 percent of men.

Independent voters were split over the two major party candidates. 48 percent supported Clinton compared to 41 percent backing Trump.

A national poll published Tuesday revealed Clinton held a 10 point lead, earning 51 percent of the vote. In that poll, Trump lost support of men, losing his 16 point lead in the demographic just last week. Trump’s support among those with no college degree also dropped in the poll his lead over Clinton fell from 9 percent to 4 percent.

The poll surveyed 1,007 likely voters, and took place from August 5 through August 8, before Trump made his “second amendment” statement in a campaign rally Tuesday. The margin of error in the poll is 3.1 percent, meaning the results are statistically tied in the new poll.

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