Trump Considers Sending 3,000 More Troops to Afghanistan

President Trump will likely comply with what his military advisors are telling him, that he needs to send thousands more troops to Afghanistan to help fight insurgents. Fox News reported:

President Trump could be asked next week to send more troops to Afghanistan as the 16-year war grinds on in a bloody stalemate.

The U.S. commander in Afghanistan wants 3,000 more troops and Pentagon officials told Congress this week that the war plan recommendations being sent to Trump are aimed at moving “beyond the stalemate” with the ISIS-affiliated Taliban insurgency.

Afghan soldiers are suffering what Pentagon auditors call “shockingly high” battlefield casualties, and prospects are narrowing for a negotiated peace settlement with the Taliban. The insurgents may have failed to capture and hold a major city, but they are controlling or influencing ever more territory.

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“The situation is deteriorating,” said Stephen Biddle, a George Washington University professor and close Afghan war observer.

The problem is that sending more U.S. soldiers will likely result in more terrorists. Ramping up our military efforts in the Middle East only stir up more trouble.

President Trump campaigned on having a more sensible foreign policy, one in which the U.S. wouldn’t be the world’s policeman or nation-builder.

Unfortunately, changing our foreign policy is much easier said than done. It’s going to prove as difficult as Trump’s campaign theme, which was ‘draining the swamp.’

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