Trump Compares Himself to FDR on Banning Muslims


Donald Trump had a rocky appearance on MSNBC’s  Morning Joe Tuesday to talk about his statement made the day before proposing a temporary ban of allowing Muslims into the United States. Temporarily, he suggested, until congress figured out what to do. He contended that his proposed ban was just like FDR’s WWII proclamations that led to the Japanese interment camps, but was quick to point out that he wasn’t suggesting modern-day internment camps.

The interview started out a bit rough, simply because Trump wouldn’t take a break and allow the hosts to ask a question, until Scarborough told the GOP candidate if he didn’t stop they would go to break. Trump told him to go ahead and take a break. So not intimidated thats exactly what Scarborough did.

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After a few commercials things calmed down and Trump answered more questions(video is below).  Scarborough asked, “Isn’t it counter productive and unconstitutional to have this broad approach to all Muslim? ”

Trump: It’s not unconstitutional keeping people out, freeze warningly until we get a hold of what’s going on, Joe. Then you look at Franklin Roosevelt, a respected president, highly respected, take a look at presidential proclamations back a long time ago, 2525, 2526 and 2527 what he was doing with Germans, Italians and Japanese. He had to do it. Look, we’re at war with radical Islam. We’re at war.
Scarborough: I agree with that, Donald.
Trump: Right.
Scarborough: You certainly aren’t proposing internment camps.
Trump: Not at all. I’m not proposing that and that’s not what this — you have to look at his presidential proclamations. It was tough stuff. It wasn’t internment. We’re not talking about Japanese internment camps no not at all. We have to get a hand around a very serious problem. It’s getting worse. You’ll have more world trade centers if we don’t toughen up, smarten up and use our heads.


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