Trump Certainly Wouldn’t be the First to be Wiretapped…Remember This Investigative Reporter?

When the mainstream media heard about President Trump’s accusation that the previous administration wiretapped into his campaign/transition offices at Trump Tower, they went wild. They took the charge personally it was if the president insulted them personally (okay I will admit he did insult some of them personally). But this was not meant as an insult to any of them)  But many anchors and so-called reporters were indignant, how DARE he say that President Obama broke the law.  Perhaps it’s time for my friends in the mainstream media to calm down, try switching to decaf.

First of all, the president didn’t say Obama broke the law, he just said that Trump Tower was wiretapped. If the story is true it could have been a legal, court approved wiretap.We know that General Flynn’s conversation with the Russian ambassador was wiretapped. That’s how we found out about it, when fact that there was a phone call was leaked to the press by someone in the U.S. intelligence services. Since at the time the General was a private citizen talking to the Russian ambassador it was probably a legal wiretap. Unless of course it was part a wiretap of the Trump staff which as indicated above might very well have been legal….but even if it were legal it would have been immoral.  Another wiretap by the Obama administration that was probably legal but just as immoral was the case of former congressman Dennis Kucinich. But the bugging of investigative reporter Sharyl Attkisson’s computer was probably illegal and certainly immoral.

Former Ohio Democratic Congressman and two-time presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich said that he was wiretapped in 2011. It was his congressional office phone that had been bugged, and a conversation he had with a foreign leader was recorded.

Now members of congress speak to Ambassadors and Foreign leaders all of the time, so there is no reason Kucinich’s phone should have been bugged because he was talking to a foreign leader.

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