Trump Blasts Durbin for Blowing DACA

Claiming he misquoted him, Donald Trump blasts Durbin for spreading distrust and making a deal impossible.

Of course, Dick Durbin is sticking to his story, but it is obvious from the way Trump blasts Durbin that the President is not backing down.

Durbin has now put himself in a corner, intentionally or not, since he’s claimed that all Trump’s immigration promises are derived from racism. That means that the alt-left Democratic base is not interested in making an immigration deal.

The Washington Examiner reports, “Trump: Durbin ‘blew DACA’ and ‘misrepresented what was said’ at White House meeting.

President Trump blasted Sen. Dick Durbin on Monday after the Illinois Democrat stood by his claim that the president made vulgar remarks about immigrants during a closed-door meeting with lawmakers last week.

Durbin claimed Trump questioned why a provision in the bipartisan compromise he and other lawmakers presented to Trump last week granted visas to more immigrants from “shithole countries,” a comment that quickly ignited a political firestorm that threatened to derail immigration talks.


Durbin told local reporters on Monday that he stood by “every word” that he said about Trump’s remarks last week.

Read the entire Washington Examiner story.

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