Trump Back to Winning on Judges

Loser Arizona Senator Jeff Flake finally lifted his blockade on seating more of President Donald Trump’s judges and now two more circuit judges have been confirmed bringing the president’s number up to 26 judged seated.

According to The Washington Times:

The latest two to earn full Senate approval were A. Marvin Quattlebaum Jr. and Julius N. Richardson, both of whom will sit on the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals. Judge Quattlebaum was confirmed on a 62-28 vote, while Mr. Richardson was cleared by an 81-8 margin.

Judge Quattlebaum was confirmed last year as a district court judge and Mr. Richardson worked as assistant U.S attorney for the District of South Carolina since 2009.

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The paper explained that Flake, a retiring “Republican” Senator who is quitting his seat because he knew he could never get enough votes to win his primary, had been blocking Trump’s judges:

Sen. Jeff Flake of Arizona had halted progress on judges earlier this summer, staging a protest over Mr. Trump’s trade policies.

But after getting the chance to vote on a non-binding statement of pushback against Mr. Trump, Mr. Flake relented last month and the GOP was able to clear more judges through the committee pipeline, readying them for floor votes.

Who the heck does this traitor think he is, anyway? At least he has relented and the Senate can get back to confirming Trump’s judges.

As a side note, isn’t it just like the useless Republican Party not to be able to keep all its members in line on judges? This would never happen with Democrats in charge. They would never put up roadblocks for getting their own judges confirmed!

The point, here, is that getting as many Republican-appointed judges in place as possible is a supremely important goal. Trump has already remade the judiciary in a conservative direction enough to last decades, but more is always need.

Fortunately, Trump has already been the most successful president in modern history where it comes to getting his judges put on the bench.

This is of extreme importance in this day when liberal judges are increasingly making law from the bench. Eliminating as many of these anti-American, liberal judges and replacing them with judges of center-right outlook is incredibly important to keep the integrity of our republic whole.

If you are a conservative and are looking for a reason to think that Trump was the right vote in 2016, think no farther than the judiciary. The high number of judges Trump has put in place justifies voting for him in 2016 and will justify your vote in 2020 so he can keep doing so.

Now let’s move on putting Judge Brett Kavanagh on the U.S. Supreme Court.

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