Trump and Gingrich say Hillary Should Go to Jail Not to the White House!

Donald Trump may never be the GOP candidate for President, but that doesn’t mean he’s of no consequence (like you need me to tell you that). He made himself of even more consequence on Sunday when discussing Hillary Clinton’s still growing email scandal with ABC News’ Jon Karl. Trump jumped on the issue of Hillary’s malfeasance after Karl asked him about the possibility that Joe Biden may be jumping into the Presidential race.

Well, I think it’s a real possibility because what she did was absolutely, in my opinion, illegal and I don’t think she’s going to be allowed to run if they have a prosecutor who’s going to be honorable because if you look at Gen. Petraeus, what he did is nothing compared to what she’s done. And his life is in ruins.

I mean, what they’ve done to him is incredible and very, very tough. And what she did is far worse.

So I think she’s got a big problem with the emails and obviously her numbers are going down drastically so somebody like Biden could probably go in and do very well and maybe win.

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Trump’s assessment is right on, and if Hillary Clinton were a Republican she’d likely already be out of the Presidential race… but of course, Hillary isn’t a Republican and the media still loves her in spite of her crimes.

Newt Gingrich followed Trump on ABC and he echoed Trump’s remarks on the email scandal saying, “It’s going to start sinking into Democrats that despite good speeches and despite lots of bravado, Hillary Clinton is a disaster. She’s a disaster because of corruption. She’s a disaster because of arrogance and what Trump said was right… Look at how they treated General Petraeus and you look at what she did with her emails, in any other circumstance she’d be going to jail, not the White House.

For good measure, Gingirch also slammed the Obama administration in his comments, President Obama has presided over the worst collapse in state and local offices of any president in the last century… In the Democratic Party in the last century.”

Wow. I can’t find anything incorrect in any thing that either Trump or Gingrich said.

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