Trump and Cruz Poll Numbers Among Women Heading in Opposite Directions

[score]Ted Cruz[/score] was campaigning in Wisconsin earlier this week and he was focusing much of his energy on wooing female voters to his cause. For anyone wondering why Cruz would be focusing his efforts on women, one word holds the answer… Trump. The Cruz campaign likely sees women as their best bet to swing the nomination fight back towards the Senator from Texas. Why? Check out these poll numbers:

There is a huge gender gap for Mr. Trump, but Cruz seems to be doing just fine with the Badger State’s female voters.

Which is why on Wednesday, Cruz surrounded himself with his closest female supporters while arguing that he was the right candidate for America’s women.

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Over at CBS, John Dickerson seems to believe that this is likely a wise path for Cruz to continue because Donald Trump’s numbers among women are absolutely deplorable.

When you look at his [unfavorability] numbers with women, he is in historic territory as far as how unfavorable their view of him is…

He is more forceful in what he is saying. John Kasich and Ted Cruz are sort of averting their eyes from the pledge, which is if you say all of these things… about Donald Trump… how terrible he is… why are you still pledged to support him if he becomes the nominee? And they’ve sort of stood back from that pledge a little but they didn’t really break it…

If Kasich and Cruz go into the convention trying to take those delegates away from Donald Trump, the pledge would kind of be a sideshow… That’s why the primary in Wisconsin on the 5th is so crucial, to see how all of this drama that has taken place is going to affect the delegates themselves as they get assigned to these candidates.

I think we can safely say, at this point in the GOP primary, Republican women will be deciding who our next nominee for President is. The big question is, can Ted Cruz woo enough of the remaining female voters to his camp to stop Trump from winning the majority of delegates before the RNC in Cleveland?

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