Trump Administration Preserves America’s History: Good, Bad, and Ugly

Despite the moral panic gripping Leftists, the Trump Administration preserves Confederate monuments.

Through the Department of the Interior, Americans have been assured that the Trump Administration preserves American monuments rather than making the parts we don’t like disappear. This pointless destruction would not help any group of Americans. One can’t help but suspect that Democrats are advocating this puritanical iconoclasm because they don’t have anything else to offer African Americans.

Destroying statues won’t reduce crime or create jobs.

The Daily Caller reports, “Trump’s Interior Department Won’t Be Removing Confederate Monuments From Civil War Battlefields.

The Interior Department won’t be removing monuments to Confederate soldiers at national battlefields that are “an important part of our country’s history,” according to a spokesman.

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“The National Park Service is committed to safeguarding these memorials while simultaneously educating visitors holistically and objectively about the actions, motivations and causes of the soldiers and states they commemorate,” spokesman Jeremy Barnum told E&E News.


The National Park Service maintains numerous monuments to Confederate soldiers at battlefield sites across the country.

For example, Gettysburg, Penn., has 12 monuments to Confederate soldiers. The Battle of Antietam, which took place near Sharpsburg, Md., in 1862, has six Confederate monuments.

A Gettysburg National Military Park spokeswoman told The Evening Sun Wednesday they were not removing Confederate monuments to those who fought at the Battle of Gettysburg in 1863.

“These memorials, erected predominantly in the early and mid-20th century, are an important part of the cultural landscape,” Katie Lawhon said.

Read the entire Daily Caller story.

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