Trump Administration Issues New Rule to Prevent Obamacare from Paying for Abortions

The Trump administration has just moved to prevent federal-supported healthcare plans from paying for abortion.

The Trump administration has just moved to prevent federal-supported healthcare plans from paying for abortions with a new rule stating that insurers must collect a separate fee for those customers who want abortion coverage.

Currently, some Obamacare plans have abortion coverage as a basic part of coverage, but that means that everyone paying premiums are paying for other people’s abortions even if they have religious convictions against abortion.

Indeed, such blanket coverage means that government is sponsoring abortions.

According to LifeNews, many states have state-sponsored abortion plans:

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In 2018, taxpayer-funded Obamacare insurance plans in 24 states and the District of Columbia are allowed to cover elective abortion with an embedded abortion surcharge. In 10 of those states more than 85 percent of Obamacare plans cover abortion on demand, including seven states where every single Obamacare plan for individuals and families covers elective abortion.

But, now the administration has moved to end the practice of government-sponsored abortion coverage:

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services released a proposal Wednesday to ensure that Obamacare plans, which the federal government subsidizes, collect separate funds when their policies include abortion coverage.

The Trump administration is set to ramp up enforcement of rules against Obamacare plans paying for abortions.

The rule is likely to provoke a clash with states such as California and Oregon, which obligate all insurers to cover abortions. It also is likely to receive backlash from Democrats, who refused to support a bill to shore up Obamacare earlier this year because it contained language that would have restricted the funding from going toward paying for medical plans that provide abortions.

Of course, pro-lifers are enthused about the rule.

Pro-life group, National Right to Life , issued a statement supporting the change:

While only comprehensive legislative reform can cure the multiple abortion-expanding components of Obamacare, today’s proposed rule from the Trump Administration sends a strong message that the federal government ought to get out of the business of paying for abortion until Obamacare can be replaced.

We applaud President Trump and his administration for enforcing the law and seeking to uphold the principles of the Hyde Amendment to prevent the use of tax dollars to pay for abortion coverage.

So, with the battleground on the matter set, let’s see if this rule gets put in place before the Democrats take control of the House or if this just sets the stage for another war.

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