True Wisdom versus False Knowledge: Dennis Prager on America’s Moral Compass



“We are made wise not by the recollection of our past, but by the responsibility for our future.”  —George Bernard Shaw

“Beware of false knowledge; it is more dangerous than ignorance.”  — George Bernard Shaw

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Prager’s Speech

On October 26, 2015, 8:00 PM, at the West Hills Hyatt, in West Hills, California, Dennis Prager spoke.  The substance of his speech is provided.


Blessings and Curses

God told Abraham, referring also to his progeny, “I will bless those who bless you and curse those who curse you.”  The part of the world which has blessed Jews most is the United States.  Cursing Jews most is the Islamic world.  Thus, two things are likely: 1) the day the Arab world ceases to curse the Jews, it will be blessed; and 2) the day the United States ceases to bless the Jews, it will be cursed.


The Israel Test

George Gilder has an Israel Test (which is also the title of his book).  It goes like this: You can know a person’s value system by his reaction to Israel.  When someone is anti-Israel, supports the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions [against Israel] Movement, and thinks Israel’s existence is invalid, that person’s moral compass is broken.

No other nation’s existence is questioned—only Israel’s.  Nobody challenges Pakistan’s right to exist, yet Pakistan, created in 1947, was formed almost at the same time as Israel, which was created in 1948.  When Pakistan was created as a Muslim state, there were about one million people killed.  And when Bangladesh was formed out of East Pakistan in 1971, there were eight million Hindu refugees who fled to India.  These countries had never existed before, yet Israel had existed twice before.  And there has never been a state where Israel sits, except for a Jewish state.

There are over fifty Muslim states on the planet, and just one Jewish state, but it is the Jewish state whose legitimacy is challenged.  Could it be that anti-Zionism doubles as anti-Semitism?  Imagine someone who says, “I’m not really anti-Italian, but I do believe that Italy should be destroyed.”  If someone says, “Oh, I love Jews, but I think the only Jewish state should be destroyed,” this is anti-Semitism.


The Preoccupation with Jews

antisemitic2The preoccupation of evil people with destroying Jews and the Jewish state is out of proportion to the size of both the Jewish people and the Jewish state.  This means the Jews and Israel must have an important God-given role to play in the world.  And there does seem to be an overreaction to the Jews, throughout history.  It is interesting that, while there is much bigotry in the world—the Germans do not like the Poles and the British do not like the French, for example—only the Jews are targeted for extinction.


Broken Universities

At Oxford University, Prager debated whether Israel or Hamas was the greater obstacle to peace; according to Prager, “two questions needed answering: 1) If Israel laid down its arms one day, saying it would fight no more, what would happen to Israel?  2) If Hamas laid down its weapons, what would happen?  In scenario one, Israel would be destroyed.  In scenario two, there would be peace.”  The fact that the pro-Hamas debater won indicates the size of the moral-compass problem in the universities.

Colleges now value indoctrination over education.  Sending a student to college, without having him or her work first for at least a year, is like playing Russian Roulette.  Life experience is needed against which to check the lies being taught nowadays.  And, on a sad note, more than half of college students no longer believe in free speech.  They value speech codes to prevent offensive speech.  Appreciation of America’s three slogans—In God We Trust, E Pluribus Unum, and Liberty—is waning.


Prager on the Media

In World War Two, more Germans died than Allies, so were the Allies wrong?  Of course not.  But one reason people say Israel is wrong is because Israel causes more casualties than Hamas.

The media makes things up about Israel.  When Islamists burned the Tomb of Joseph just recently, the papers reported “Tomb of Joseph Found Burning.”  This is how 9/11 is taught nowadays: America was attacked by extremists.  Islamists are not named.  Just like extremists attacked Pearl Harbor.  We do not name who the enemies are, or were, anymore.  We do not wish to offend, so we cease to teach history.

Israel is attacked in the media, due to “disproportionate response.”  Palestinians attack Israelis, and the higher Palestinian death toll gets reported, but nothing about Hamas’s instigating the fight.

The headlines might read “Israel kills 34 Palestinians” and not report Israeli casualties.  World War Two was not reported this way.  If 100,000 Germans died and only 72 British, would that mean the Nazis were the good guys?  Hamas is sending hundreds of rockets to kill as many Israelis as possible.  So the Israelis fire back.  If only six Israelis die, are only six Palestinians allowed to die?  But the Palestinians hide their rocket-launchers in population centers.  Israel wants to remove Hamas’s rocket-launching capability, but the Palestinians want to kill Israeli civilians.  So, where is the moral equivalency?  That judgment should depend on the intentions of the attackers versus the defenders.  Israel’s intentions are moral.  Hamas’s are not.  Also, the press only reports “Fighting Broke Out.”  Never who started it.  Anyone who speaks the truth that it was Islamists is labeled an Islamophobe!


Telling the Truth

In mainstream Islam, leaving Islam gets the death penalty.  But if you say this at a university, you are called an Islamophobic bigot.  Truth is not allowed.  But many universities, and their Middle-Eastern Studies programs, are funded by Saudi Arabia.  Islam has never been a religion of peace, but has always been a religion of war.  There are peaceful Muslims, but that does not make Islam a religion of peace.  Islam killed 80 million Hindus in the jihad.

It is not anti-Muslim to discuss Islamo-fascism.  That term is accurate for Italy in the past, but does it make a person anti-Italian to refer to it?  Are all Italians fascists?  No, but Italian fascism does exist.  The problem is in not telling the truth.


Confronting Evil

israelpalestineWhat do you want on your tombstone?  “Here lies Joe Smith; he fought carbon emissions”?  Here is a rule: If you don’t fight real evil, you fight make-believe evil.  And here is another rule: If you don’t fight evil, you fight those who do fight evil.  People who don’t fight evil hate those who do fight evil.  During the Cold War, there were those who fought Communists and those who fought those who were fighting Communists.  There were those in the United States who hated Reagan much more than they hated Brezhnev and the Soviet Union.  There are those today who hate Benjamin Netanyahu more than they hate the Ayatollah Khamenei.  If you don’t fight evil, you hate those who do fight evil.


There Are Only Two Races

Dr. Viktor Frankl, prisoner of a concentration camp, was once asked, “Do you hate the German race?”  Frankl’s answer was, “No, because there are only two races: the decent and the indecent.”  Today, Americans are being divided along many lines—except the one that matters: decent versus indecent.  America’s moral compass is broken.  Supporting Iran over Israel is a symptom of this.


Disappearing God

The more religious the Jew or Christian, the more pro-Israel or pro-America he or she tends to be.  Apparently, people who are more religious have a more functional moral compass.  Western Europe is the first godless civilization, which is why it is failing.  Religious people have more children, but godless Europeans are not having many, so Germany and other godless European states are disappearing.  When God disappears, countries disappear.  This is what is happening to our universities.  God disappeared, so learning disappeared.  They have become godless places.

Nowadays, people go to graduate school and learn nonsense.  People with less education are less foolish and have more common sense.  They are also more religious, and wisdom begins with God.  No God, no wisdom.  No morals means you not only get immoral nonsense, but factual nonsense.


Pessimistic People Should Fight

It is worth being pessimistic about America these days, but pessimism does not excuse anyone from fighting for what is right.  “I’m not optimistic,” said Prager, “so I fight twice as hard.  Pessimism does not mean things cannot be turned around.”


Fighting for Israel

Fighting for Israel is worth it.  Those who bless Israel will be blessed.  So let us all work together to bless Israel and, thereby, bless each other by restoring godly wisdom and our nation’s moral compass.

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