Trey Gowdy Angry about Benghazi Accusations, Wonders how SEVEN Previous Investigations All Missed Boatloads of Evidence

Congressman Trey Gowdy (R-SC) is the chairman of the House Select Committee on Benghazi, and he’s getting sick and tired of the political attacks on his Committee. Over the last few weeks, ever since House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) stupidly implied that the proceedings were grounded in politics, Gowdy has been inundated with criticism.

This past Sunday he was a guest on CBS’ Face the Nation to explain that the committee has nothing to do with hurting Hillary Clinton and has everything to do with finding justice and answers for the four Americans who died in Benghazi.

From the Daily Caller:

Gowdy, the chairman of the House Select Committee on Benghazi, said that Stevens’ emails show that he requested additional security as soon as he was appointed the ambassadorship in June 2012. But the emails Stevens received from State Department officials indicated that the agency had other concerns. One email asked Stevens his advice on “political messaging” to help sugarcoat the dangerous situation in Libya. Another asked Stevens to vet an intelligence report that then-Sec. of State Hillary Clinton’s friend, Sidney Blumenthal, sent her.

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Gowdy cited the emails in response to recent attacks from Democrats who claim its Benghazi investigation is aimed at hurting former Sec. of State Hillary Clinton’s White House bid.

I feel for Gowdy for being forced to having talk politics when he’s just trying to figure out what went wrong in Benghazi. GOP politicians not involved in the Benghazi committee needs to take Gowdy’s advice and keep their mouths shut; the Benghazi committee’s work is extremely important and it has nothing to do with taking down Hillary Clinton.

“How did they miss Ambassador Stevens’ emails? None of the seven previous committees bothered to access the emails of our ambassador…

If we want a window into Libya and what was happening in the weeks and months before these four were killed, why would you not look at the ambassador’s emails? He was a prolific emailer…

He notes that there’s an uptick in violence, and he’s asking for more security. So [Stevens is] asking for security and [Clinton State Department aide] Jake Sullivan in Washington is asking our ambassador, the day after our facility is attacked by an IED, to read and respond to an email from Sidney Blumenthal.”

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