Travesty! Miss Puerto Rico Suspended for Defending America!


Last week liberal filmmaker and activist Michael Moore tried to initiate a nationwide protest of Donald Trump by standing in front of the Trump Tower in New York with a sign that said, “We are All Muslim.” Needless to say, the effort fell flat and had minimal impact on the Internet, our culture or the presidential race. However, one person noticed it and responded, and now she’s being attacked by liberals for her beliefs and her decision to defend America.

Here’s Moore’s Tweet:

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When Miss Puerto Rico, Destiny Velez, saw the stupid tweet she reacted apoplectically, tweeting a stream of responses that defended both Christianity and America while putting Moore in his place.

Sadly, she has since deleted those tweets, but we were able to snag screenshots to share with you.

Screen Shot 2015-12-22 at 6.03.21 PM

Here is the text from all of the tweets:

“There’s NO comparison between Jews, Christians and Muslims. Jews nor Christians have terrorizing agendas in their sacred books.” 

“All what Muslims have done is provided oil and terrorize this country & many others! All they do is build their mosques, feel offended by American values and terrorize innocent Americans and plant gas stations.” 

“Most terrorist attacks have had a religion & a name associated with them & they have been from Islam religion.”

“Many pull out the card of Muslims serving in our military. Are they in the military cuz [because] they love our nation or to acquire benefits.”

“Why do ppl [people] want to separate Muslims from Isis when ISIS is a group of Muslim fanatics.”

“All they do is build their mosques, feel offended by American values and terrorize innocent Americans and plant gas stations and get guns and kills innocent ppl [people] and destroy precious artifacts.”

“Muslims use our constitution to terrorize USA & plant gas stations.”

“Islamic god is NOT the same God as Christians & Jews”

Now Miss Puerto Rico is being chastised for having an opinion and choosing to voice it. The same people who cheered on Michael Moore’s idiotic expression of his free speech are now calling for the pageant queen to be disciplined and quieted. In response, the Miss Puerto Rico Organization has decided to suspend her indefinitely because, in their estimation, her defense of Christianity and America is actually “bullying behavior.” The organization also demanded an apology and a retraction from Miss Puerto Rico, which she dutifully gave.

It’s a sad commentary on our culture and the fascist beliefs of the whining liberal fascists.

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