Traveling While Queer Isn’t Really a Thing

Despite leftist paranoia and lies, traveling while queer in the United States is perfectly safe.

A homosexual writer recently posted in the Federalist that traveling while queer is perfectly safe in America. He did this because the New York Times published an article that claimed homosexuals and transgenders were constantly at risk of attack at the nation’s truck stops and convenience stores. The were especially worried about travelling through the South. The found men with full beards inherently threatening.

Chad Felix Green writes in the Federalist, “Let’s Get Real: There Are No Risks To Traveling The U.S. While Queer.”

I traveled alone through Virginia, down through the Carolinas, into Georgia, and through rural Florida, wearing my yarmulke the entire way. After picking up my boyfriend from the airport and spending some time at several theme parks, we drove back up through Georgia, Tennessee, and Kentucky before returning home to West Virginia.

Alone, I walked into multiple gas stations along the highway, and several rest stops. During the trip we visited local attractions, held hands through a theme park and two aquariums, showed affection along the way, and even posed to have a couple portrait drawn. The way home featured a stop at a rural antique shop, more gas stations, restaurants, and rest stops.

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While checking out in a North Carolina gas station, a man standing behind me greeted me and asked where I was headed. I told him, without thinking twice about it, “I’m headed to Florida to pick up my boyfriend and spend a week’s vacation along the Gulf Coast.”

It should go without saying that I experienced absolutely no problems. The inconvenient truth I mentioned relates to the difference between how those on the Left imagine average America and what average America is really like. The truth is, while not everyone agrees with how I choose to live or how they perceive who I am, very few choose to express their disapproval. Certainly no one seems particularly interested in intimidating me for the sheer enjoyment of it.

But liberals won’t accept this because they demand that all non-liberal opinions are dangerous and must be stamped out. The self-righteousness and ignorance produces videos like this one:

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