Transgender Brainwashing in Kindergarten: “The Earlier the Education the Better”

A California school puts kindergarteners through a full transgender brainwashing procedure complete with a “coming out” ceremony.

Now that transgender brainwashing is here for 5-year-olds can we please abolish public schools? Seriously. The academic achievements keep sinking and the school bureaucrats would rather spend time pushing pansexual propaganda on young children than do anything about it. What more does the government “education” system need to do to children to get parents fed up?

The Daily Mail reports, “‘My daughter came home crying afraid she’d turn into a boy’: Parents’ anger after kindergarten lesson has student’s transgender reveal occur mid-class.

During the lesson on the second-to-last day before summer break, the teacher, who has not been named, read two books, I am Jazz and The Red Crayon. Both are meant to explain ‘transgenderism’ to children between ages four and eight.

However, in what critics are calling a ‘transition ceremony’, the teacher introduced the five-year-old student to the class as a boy. The student then went into the bathroom and emerged dressed as a girl.

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The teacher then reintroduced her to the children, and explained she was now a girl with a girl’s name and was to be called that from now on.

But you need to watch the news video to get the full picture of how arrogant bureaucrats are obviously willing to do whatever they want, and have endless evasions available to them to defeat parental concerns. And there is a legal structure already in place that allows them to claim they must do what they want to do no matter what rights parents imagine they still possess.

The best part is when they interview a “trans man” (i.e. a woman) as an impartial expert, and summarize her verdict: “the earlier the education the better.” Well, duh. When you’re teaching a perverse lie you want to get children as young as possible when they don’t know much and tend to trust authority.

Read the entire Daily Mail story.

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