Transabled People Messing Things Up for Transgendered People

You might have to read this twice. A transabled person is a perfectly healthy person who for whatever reason doesn’t feel at home in his or her healthy body and believes a physical disability would be more in keeping with the “reality” in their minds:

[Researcher Alexandre Baril] suggests [transablism] is just another form of body diversity — like transgenderism — and amputation may help someone achieve similar goals as someone who, say, undergoes cosmetic surgery to look more like who they believe their ideal selves to be.

So transabled people actively seek a disability: they amputate their own limbs or blind themselves—or get doctors to do it. And their situation is really angering the transgender crowd.

You might be wondering why. It’s because transgender people have been working for years to convince people that they are not “mentally ill.” And transabled people might be setting them back when the obvious parallels between the movements are highlighted.

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transabled3I guess it might be conceivable in some universe that you actually are “a woman inside” though you were born as a man. It seems obviously less likely that you are “disabled inside” though your body is perfectly healthy. And that casts a shadow of doubt on the “healthiness” and validity of all the trans- designations:

“[Transgender and actually disabled people] tend to see transabled people as dishonest people, people who try to steal resources from the community, people who would be disrespectful by denying or fetishizing or romanticizing disability reality,” Baril says, adding people in both transgender and disabled circles tend to make judgmental or prejudicial statements about transabled people. “Each try to distance themselves.”

So this is where we are in society. No one can deny that transabled people are actually harming themselves. Yet what they are doing has enough similarity to transgender and homosexual choices that it puts all the open-minded leftists in a quandary. Do they accept the transabled to protect their favorite form of self-abuse? Or do they continue to distance themselves at the risk of rank hypocrisy? This should be … interesting.


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