Trans Woman: ‘Men are Weak and Insecure for not Dating Us’

Contrary to what people may be claiming, a real man is not a coward or insecure for not wanting to date a mentally ill person. Not to mention, a mentally ill person of the same gender who is dressing up as a girl.

Daily Wire reports: 

On Thursday, Mic, an American internet and media company that caters to millennials, released a video depicting trans women discussing their travails; but Mic, tweeting about the video, insisted that heterosexual males are insecure about being attracted to trans women, a perspective articulated by some of the trans women themselves.

A trans woman called Serena, who is a multimedia producer for Mic, starts the ball rolling by asserting that people who claim trans women are really men are wrong, and that he is insulted when people say he’s playing dress up.

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Except, that’s exactly what he is doing! He’s dressing up like a woman, trying to pass himself off to other men. It is a deceitful lie.

Serena said, “If the idea is that a guy dating a trans woman makes him gay, then what you’re basically saying is that a trans woman is not a woman, she’s like a boy playing dress up. I mean, like,” he continued, “I haven’t put in all the work and the money and the time and the resources into my transition for people to say I’m playing dress up. I’m not playing dress up; this is who I am 24/7.”

Another trans woman continues by claiming heterosexual men who dismiss trans women’s claims to be women are secretly attracted to trans women:

Certain cis men who I find are trans-attracted, their approach to trans women, specifically, is a very dismissive approach. I think that their view on us is that of a weak boy. They don’t really see us as women.

A third trans woman states that heterosexual men approach him more at night:

I tend to dress a little bit skimpy, in skimpy things. Guys definitely, you know, tend to approach me more often than not at nighttime than in the day. It’s that whole thing, you know, keeping us a secret, and you know, not wanting to engage with us in front of everyone else. So even if they’re looking at us in the daytime they won’t engage from my experience.


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