Traitor! Georgia Governor Vetoes Campus Carry Bill!

Nathan Deal is once again standing with liberals against the Constitution.

Georgia’s “Republican” Governor Nathan Deal is getting used to acting like a Democrat. Deal, who is as “establishment” as they come, has consistently opposed conservatives during his time as Governor. However, this latest veto may be the most shocking sleight of his tenure because it follows closely on the heels of his decision to veto a bill that would have also protected churches and pastors from being sued for opposing gay marriage.

Nathan Deal is as pro-government, anti-liberty as he ever was as a Democrat, and he’s proven it on a number of occasions as Governor.

In his decision to veto HB 757, a bill that would have protected Pastors and churches from trivial lawsuits brought by fascists in the gay lobby, Governor Deal has sided with the left against the Constitution. In fact, the bill would not have blocked any of the currently en vogue liberal gay agenda items; no, it “would merely offer a bare minimum of legal protections to Georgia citizens who are already confronting anti-Christian bigotry and discrimination.”

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The National Review went so far as to call Governor Deal a “malicious coward,” and I could not agree more. He is a malicious coward, a spineless traitor, and an utter disgrace to conservatives and constitutionalists everywhere.

Now, Deal has decided to veto a bill that was months in the making, and would have restored the ability to practice the right to self-defense to our college students. Instead, our college kids will continue to be easy prey for criminals, especially those students who happen to attend schools in dangerous areas of the city of Atlanta.

On and around college campuses in the heart of metro Atlanta, criminals brazenly targeted students in crimes ranging from vandalism to shootings.
The crimes at Georgia State University got more publicity than most because of the dangers, locations and political debates about opening campuses to people carrying concealed weapons.

But Nathan Deal doesn’t care about these citizens. No, he prefers to continue the trend of big government liberalism from establishment Republicans, as he continues to play his part in eroding the rights of the good people of Georgia.

The gun-rights bill that Deal vetoed on Wednesday would have allowed college students to carry concealed handguns on the campuses of public universities throughout the state. The legislation is important because the state has no standing to issue such a blanket repeal of the rights of such a large group of our population. In fact nine other states have similar laws allowing students to carry on campus, and 23 more allow the schools to make their own policies. Only Georgia, along with 18 other of our nation’s most liberal, anti-freedom states, force college students to be defenseless while at school.

I love my home state, but the GOP establishment in Georgia deserves to be run out of Atlanta on a rail. Nathan Deal and his RINO cronies are a band of traitorous misanthropes, and they should be retired from public “service” at the earliest possible moment.

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