Toronto Mayor: No More Asylum Seekers!

In this case, the real-world reaction is that Toronto is overwhelmed by migrants. The mayor is now singing a different tune.

Running out of resources, the Toronto mayor says that they can’t afford any more immigrants.

Last year, Toronto Mayor John Tory was encouraging immigration into his fair city. Candice Malcolm writes in the Toronto Sun:

Toronto city council and mayor John Tory voted to reaffirm Toronto’s status as a city that provides a safe-haven for illegal immigrants.

“’You are welcome here,’” read a January 31, 2017 headline on CBC News.

But virtue-signaling has its limits. It’s designed to show off a politician’s self-proclaimed moral superiority – to show off a big heart and good intentions – without having to do anything specific.

The problem for politicians, however, is when their virtue-signaling causes a real-world reaction.

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In this case, the real-world reaction is that Toronto is overwhelmed by migrants. The mayor is now singing a different tune.

Newsweek reports, “Toronto Mayor Warns City Cannot Handle Surge in Asylum Seekers Amid Trump Immigration Crackdown.

Toronto Mayor John Tory has warned Canada’s biggest city can no longer cope with the number of asylum seekers and refugees entering the country amid President Donald Trump’s immigration crackdown.

“We have exhausted our available sites, our resources and our personnel,” Tory said during a press conference on Tuesday, issuing a plea for assistance from provincial and federal governments.

Citing a report from Acting City Manager Giuliana Carbone, Tory said the “the City staff report reiterates our urgent request that the federal and provincial governments take immediate steps to initiate and lead a regional response to housing these populations.”

The mayor’s plea for funding and support from the Trudeau government and the Ontario provincial government comes after Toronto was forced to activate an emergency contingency plan in May to meet growing demands for shelter for refugee claimants.

The city’s shelter services have become increasingly strained. Canada has seen a rise in the number of people illegally crossing the Canada-U.S. border since Trump took office.

More than 30,000 asylum seekers have illegally crossed the Canada-U.S. border since January 2017, with many citing Trump’s immigration policies as their reason for fleeing, Reuters reported last Wednesday.

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