Top Pro-Life Advocate at Department of Health Abruptly Resigns

In a day and age when liberals think it is okay to kill an unborn baby, and even advocate for their “right” to do so, we need all the help we can get.

Now, top pro-life advocate at the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) suddenly resigned on Friday, without explanation.

After working there for less than a year, Teresa Manning stepped down from her position as the deputy assistance secretary for population affairs.

While we do not have an explanation for her abrupt departure, the HHS stated that they “would like to thank her for her service to this administration and the American people.”

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Unfortunately, this leaves the position vulnerable to being filled by someone who is not anti-abortion.

The Hill reports: 

One of Manning’s primary duties was overseeing the Title X federal planning programs, which funds clinics providing contraception and preventive health services.

The program is running months behind in the application process for 2018. Title X clinics had been expecting changes to the program, like restrictions to facilities that provide abortions.

Valerie Huber, who has been serving as the chief of staff for the Office of the Assistant Secretary of Health, will take over as the interim deputy assistant secretary for population affairs, HHS announced.

Manning previously worked for the National Right to Life Committee and the conservative Family Research Council. Abortion rights advocates have been critical of her previous statements about abortion and birth control.

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