Top 10 Government Agencies We Should Immediately Eliminate!

Once upon a time conservatives were all about cutting the size of our bloated government down and reining in our disgusting spending. One of the ways they talked about accomplishing such things was by eliminating useless and even counterproductive government agencies that were simply swallowing our tax dollars while making life harder for Americans.

I mean, remember when Republicans used to promise to cut the department of education? Because they recognized that education was best controlled at the local level and not from some bloated bureaucracy in Washington, D.C.!


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In the upcoming Presidential election season, we’ll have a chance to nominate a candidate who is once again calling for cutting our government. This should be an exciting proposition for conservatives. Ted Cruz has promised to abolish the IRS, Rand Paul has promised to abolish the Department of Education, and other of our conservative candidates may well get on board with similar cuts.

Recently our friends at the Libertarian Republic put together a good list in the hopes that they could convince those Presidential hopefuls to consider a few more departments to abolish… like the NSA, the FDA, the EPA and More!


From the Libertarian Republic…


When George Washington became President, his cabinet consisted of only an Attorney General and the Secretaries of State, War and Treasury. Needless to say, in the two centuries since then, government bureaucracy has gotten completely out of control, and it has become nearly impossible to keep track of all of the country’s departments and agencies. While there are entire departments that should also be discarded, here are 10 agencies which we could easily do without. Because there are so many which are ineffective and intrusive, this is certainly not an exhaustive list.


  1. National Security Agency


Despite only recently becoming known to most Americans, the NSA has been around since 1952 when it was created by President Truman. Perhaps the US governments’ most Orwellian agency, it has many times found itself embroiled in controversy, whether for spying on leaders who were in opposition to the Vietnam war or in 2013 when Edward Snowden revealed that the NSA had been collecting the phone records of billions of people.

  1. The Food and Drug Administration


The FDA is given the surreal power of regulating what Americans may eat, drink and medicate themselves with. This creates an environment where citizens are told that they are in fact not the sole deciders of what goes into their own bodies. Given the inefficiency in bureaucracy, perhaps the most significant failure of the FDA is that it can for years prevent certain drugs from coming to market, all while some desperate patients are willing to take the necessary risks on experimental medicines.
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