Tolerant, Peaceful, ‘Anti-Fascist’ Protesters Smash Windows, Throw Bricks for Democracy [VIDEO]

It’s true that the Constitution does acknowledge people’s rights to peaceably assemble, to protest, to demonstrate. But that is in no way a license to destroy other people’s property, or to injure others.

I don’t like the idea of a militarized police state anymore than these rioters claim. But their violent behavior is only causing the police to be more heavy-handed.

Here’s some raw footage of “tolerant” and “peaceful” “anti-fascist” protesters in Washington, D.C., presumably “demonstrating” against Trump’s inauguration. And they voice their disagreement with Trump by destroying property, throwing bricks and rocks at other people, smashing windows, and otherwise just creating mayhem.

I think they’re doing this for “democracy,” or something.

I understand if people want to demonstrate or protest against Trump. But this is beyond protest. This behavior is criminal, and is not protected under the First Amendment.

They’re free to destroy their own property. But they wouldn’t want to do that, because then they’d have to find a way to pay to replace it. When it’s other people’s property, it doesn’t matter. Someone else will pay for it. That seems to be their life motto.

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