“Tolerant” Lesbian Sues Sperm Bank Over Mixed-Race Baby

If you had any questions about the limited tolerance of the leftists who are most vociferous in their calls for open-mindedness, wonder no longer. A lesbian mother has lost a suit against a sperm bank for “wrongfully” impregnating her with the sperm of a black man:

Jennifer Cramblett, a 36-year-old woman from Uniontown, Ohio, filed suit Sept. 29 against Chicago-area Midwest Sperm Bank because, according to the allegations, the clinic artificially inseminated and impregnated her with the wrong sperm. Cramblett told the Today Show that they chose a “blond hair, blue-eyed individual” so the child would closely resemble her partner.

Those dreams were dashed in April 2012, when Cramblett ordered more sperm from the chosen donor, for a second child the couple planned on having. It was then that Cramblett learned there may have been a mix-up. Not long after, it was confirmed she had been impregnated with the wrong donor’s sperm.

But the alleged medical malpractice is only part of what the lawsuit is concerned with, as seen in the documents made public by the Chicago Tribune. The filings paint a picture of a white couple’s discomfort with the admitted “steep learning curve” they have had to overcome in terms of understanding black people, black culture, black experiences and even how to do a black child’s hair.

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racist lesbiansWow. Just wow. This just illustrates again the hypocrisy of so-called tolerance in America. The fact is that “minority” groups desire open-mindedness and tolerance for themselves. But they have displayed little capacity to extend that same understanding to others.

There are so many threads in this story that could be talked about. For one, there is an easy way for a woman to avoid the genetic uncertainties of sperm donation. If you’re able to, just have children with a man of your choice. This is a classic case of wanting to have your cake and eat it too. Cramblett is a lesbian. Yet she wants children. It seems like a straightforward fact that those desires are mutually exclusive. But, in our modern society, you can get pregnant without heterosexual intercourse. And thus, these situations are bound to happen.

And of course, there is the fact that being raised by two mothers is not ideal. Numerous anecdotal and statistical evidences indicate that being raised by parents of the same sex is bad for children. Add to that the intolerance Cramblett herself obviously harbors for racial diversity, and this little girl is in quite a pickle.

Of course, Cramblett blames all the intolerance on the surrounding community. She says that it is the surrounding community that makes her little girl feel out of place. Sure. I’m sure being a mix-raced child is far less accepted by her close-minded community than having two mommies. Whatever.


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