“Tolerance” was Never the Goal – Now Christians Must Stand in Defiance

Tolerance was never enough… Christian Americans have given that for years, but it wasn’t what they were after. Even special rights and privileges are not enough. They will not be happy until every last reminder that their lifestyle is an offense to God is gone. At its very heart the homosexual agenda is a war with God. That’s why Romans 1 spells out so clearly that there is a downward spiral in man’s corruption– from denying the Creator to selfish sins, to perversion and finally to the outright advocacy of evil.

Sodomite Marriage is not about marrying, but about the destruction of marriage and the family. They hate what they can never have. It is also an avenue to access more children. They want access to the next generation in order to ensure an even more perverse society in the future.

Christians have fought for keeping the definition of marriage pure, and even to some degree to keeping this corruption away from the children. By in large, though, we have simply continued to live and let live. What was once a criminal act (sodomy), we have chosen to ignore. What at one time was a mental disorder, we allowed to be redefined. What at one time carried the greatest stigma of perversion, we said, “It’s not up to us to tell people what to do in the bedroom.” Now they have stormed out of the bedroom. They are coming for the children. They want to lock Christian teaching inside a church and regulate what goes on even inside those walls. TOLERANCE will not be offered… IT never was the goal. Domination is the goal, and it will be harsh if we allow it to happen.

There are more than enough Christians to stop this now. Even if we are slightly outnumbered (see election results), we outnumber homosexuals 100 to 1. It’s time to become less tolerant – not of people but of policy. If a policy (like the Indiana freedom of religion law) is passed they don’t like… what happens? Mobs show up and do not stop until it is changed. Protesters visit the homes of government officials and their parents (Scott Walker). They scream and chant and disrupt until they get their way, and it works.

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Christians deal GayToday there should be 100,000 people standing on the front lawns and residential streets of 5 Supreme Court Justices. No one should be able to get in or out of their homes in those neighborhoods. Tents should be set up and loud music played. When the police come and try to force it to stop, the people should lock arms and dare them to try. Civil disobedience is not enough. It has always been outright defiance that works for the left. Its time for them to see it in a scale they could never have imagined.

Most people will simply say that’s crazy… and they will sit idly by and watch everything they once knew burn.

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