Today’s Primary Day in New York and this is How I am Voting

Tomorrow 4/19 is D-day for New York voters. It’s time for the New York primary when Republicans pull the lever for one of three candidates, Donald Trump, [score]Ted Cruz[/score], or John Kasich (okay in NY we don’t pull a lever we fill in a circle with a black felt pen but it’s close enough). When I go to the polls tomorrow, my pen will be filling in the box for Ted Cruz.

My support for the senator from Texas is based on many factors including is long-term adherence to conservative principles, limited government, keeping within the constitutional limits, tax simplification, free markets, a strong foreign policy (including Israel), and a recognition of the value of a human life.

The Constitution first founded and laid out what this great republic is supposed to be. It is the supreme law of the land, crafted by our founding fathers to act as a chain to bind the power of the federal government and to protect the liberties endowed to us by our Creator. Recent presidents have defied the Constitution and the rule of law, and as a result the federal government infringes on our lives more than ever. As Solicitor General for the State of Texas Cruz has argued before the Supreme Court of the United States trying to protect our constitutional rights and get government off our backs.

Ted Cruz defied party leaders and beat their favored candidate in a primary to become the GOP nominee for Texas Senate in 2012. And as U.S. Senator he defied party leaders and led a filibuster trying to prevent funding of the unconstitutional Obamacare program.

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Cruz was for a border wall in 2012 long before it became an issue in the 2016 campaign. During an April 2012, Republican Senate primary debate Cruz said.

“We have an illegal immigration crisis, and we have to do everything humanly possible to secure the border. That means fences, that means walls.”

Cruz fought hard against the gang of eight bill in the senate…


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