Today’s Illegal Immigrants are not Computer Programmers

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg is pushing for amnesty and immigration reform. He is putting his vast fortune behind the effort. Zuckerberg, along with Bill Gates and other high profile technologists, has stated They want to move the knowledge economy forward.

So do I, but not at the expense of America as a whole.

Are we to believe that train loads are children will be welcomed at the offices of Facebook, Dropbox, and Microsoft?

Here’s what President Joe Green of is saying about the need for immigration reform:

“Every single day, our economy loses $38 million dollars; we have an immigration system that is outdated and broken; and there are 11 million undocumented immigrants who lack a pathway to getting with the law and coming out of the shadows — while millions of American families fear separation.”

I wonder how many millions of dollars our economy loses every day in funding the millions of illegal aliens who live off the largesse of our burgeoning welfare system. As I’ve written in other places, our generous welfare economy is a contributing factor in the cost analysis of illegal immigration. Yes, illegal immigrants contribute to the economy, but many of them don’t.

This isn’t to say that illegal immigrants are responsible for the American Welfare state.

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