To Protect Women, Gays, & All Other Non-Muslims, Americans Must Oppose Muslim Immigration



“Tolerance of intolerance is cowardice.”  ―Ayaan Hirsi Ali


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Jihadist Immigration: The Greatest Threat to America’s Free Republic

Perhaps the greatest threat today to America’s democratic republic is the immigration into the country of so many intolerant, freedom-hating people who promise to do everything within their power to overthrow that republic.  As a body of law that is not Islamically guided, the US Constitution is considered to be jahiliyya by Islam and, as such, must be targeted for destruction by the devout Muslims coming here.  The entire point of the jihad is to displace non-Islamic law with Islamic law, and there are four kinds of jihad that are used to accomplish this task: 1) the jihad of money; 2) the jihad of speech; 3) the jihad of writing; and 4) the jihad of murder.

Indeed, the use of money to purchase stock in news corporations, to buy control of textbook companies, and to utilize towards the endowment of university fellowships is, perhaps, more important than terror attacks when it comes to successful prosecution of the Grand Jihad—the big-picture Project of the Muslim Brotherhood to destroy the West.  (Read about the Muslim Brotherhood Project here.)  Speech by legal mouthpieces of the Muslim Brotherhood, such as the lawyers of CAIR, can also work untold damage, especially with the propensity of journalists to report only that which is “politically-correct” and the tendency of activist judges to rule based almost exclusively in favor of the political argument they like best, rather than on what the actual text of the law says.  And misleading articles written by misguiding Islamic apologists can likewise be damaging as well.  The jihad of murder is, when viewed from this perspective, only one of four different ways to perform jihad.  The more all forms of jihad are utilized, the harder it becomes to protect America’s democratic republic from eroding over time, ultimately risking the eventual downfall of the free world.  For the sake of the pursuit of happiness and the preservation of the Golden Rule, Muslim immigration needs to be severely restricted, if not halted altogether.  The consequence of not getting serious about this matter may well be the toppling of America’s free republic.


Americans Must Educate Themselves about Islam

IslamistsBeyond hoping for the best worldwide in terms of outcomes for the jihad, Americans need to educate themselves about Muhammad and the example he has set for Muslims as recorded in his biography and the hadiths of Sahih Bukhari and Sahih Muslim.  Also, once Muhammad’s life is understood, some Koran reading might also be in order.  But learning is not enough, if Americans do not use this knowledge to inform their decisions in the voting booth.  And it is incumbent on all Americans who love freedom and wish to pass it on to the next generation to teach their children about Muhammad as well.  The schools and the media—even America’s religious institutions—are unreliable in this regard, for the people running them have all attended the same universities who have been endowed for many years now by Islam—by the Saudis, the Qataris, the Libyans, et cetera.  So, teach the children well.  They need to know the truth about what they are, and will be, up against.


Turning the Other Cheek to Muhammad

The West has been turning the other cheek to Muhammad, so to speak, for centuries now, like a battered wife who continues to go back to her abusive husband, denying the terrible atrocities that have been carried out against her.  The West, perhaps like a victim of Stockholm Syndrome, has been showing empathy and affection towards a terrible, genocidal ideology that has, in a very real sense, taken Western civilization hostage and has begun to tear it down, brick by brick.  And the guardians and protectors of Western culture are doing nothing to stop the fascistic ideals of Islam from being carried out against Westerners.  Aided by an Islamically-sycophantic media, the West continues in its failure to teach the horrible history of jihad and the real-world effects of Islamic doctrine.  Western media and politicians have even gone so far as to accuse—Muslim-style—the nation of Israel for sticking up for itself and defending its citizens, the same way many beaten Muslim wives demonize liberal Western women, possibly because Western women are much less likely to agree to take a beating, and thereby submit to abuse, the way so many illiberal Muslim women must.


The Illiberal Left Is Anti-Woman, Anti-Gay, & Anti-Kafir

Originally, the term “liberal” was a reference based upon, or advocating for, the most freedom possible for the individual and for guarantees of individual rights and liberties.  But many in the West have forgotten what classical liberalism is really about.  Many politicians in the West, who style themselves as “liberals,” have become advocates more and more for those people who despise true liberalism—such as doctrinaire Muslims.  Any politician, journalist, professor, or clergyman who advocates for an increase in Muslim immigration into the country cannot claim to be liberal in the sense of being an equal-rights advocate or protector for women, for gays, for Kafirs (non-Muslims of all stripes, including atheists), for libertarians, for pacifists, for privacy advocates, or for political dissenters.  All of these groups, by their very existence, run afoul of the Sharia and would incur the unmerciful wrath of any government advocating for Sharia Law or the promotion of Islamic ideals.

By importing more Muslims in general, into America, the US government is, as a side-effect, importing more jihadists in specific.  And jihad, remember, is much more than the narrow definition of “holy war.”  Jihad, more accurately, means “struggle.”  The more Muslims America brings in, the more Americans will find themselves forced to confront the following: 1) the jihad of money, by spending more of their wealth to protect their natural rights; 2) the jihad of speech, by having to utilize valuable time to speak out on civil-rights issues that should have been settled; 3) the jihad of writing, by putting more effort into responding to court actions brought by jihadists employing lawfare; and 4) the jihad of murder, by having to purchase more security in the forms of alarm systems, self-defense weapons, et cetera.  All of this expenditure of effort will prove time-consuming and expensive.  But it will be necessary, since, undefended, the human rights of all Americans will wane into extinction.  And none of this use of resources would be necessary, if only immigration into the country were being managed for the benefit of its citizenry, rather than for the benefit of a statist political class which seeks to increase the numbers of a particular voting demographic.

Westerners in general, and Americans in specific, need to arm themselves with correct information about Muhammad and Islam, because it is high time that lovers of freedom stop turning the other cheek to Muhammad.  To the jihadist, doing so does not signal bravery, but cowardice.

It is time to fight back.

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