To Be Or Not To Be American

Common sense suggests that President Trump has been falsely accused of labeling certain countries as s—holes.  First off, why would he provide such a heavy weight issue to the media’s horde of anti-Trumpers; what is the benefit from such degradation?   But most jarringly, how does our media mavens extract a racial animus from an obvious economic reference?

So, as our President and other attendees from that closed door meeting continue to refute the usage of this needless term, this twisting of its meaning leans more to it being a hoax than being a fact.  Also too is the media’s past history with anti-Trump claims.

After this ruse has been front paged for way too long, lo and behold, there appeared out of Utah, Congress lady, Mia Love who also happens to be of Haitian descent.  After three exhaustive days featuring the repetitive airing of “s—hole countries,” AP’s Darlene Superville now includes Rep. Love’s quotes into this smear campaign.  Rep. Love “denounced Trump’s comments as racist and called on him to apologize.  ‘I think that would show real leadership.’”

With less than a year in office, I dare say that Trump’s “leadership” abilities have been firmly established.  However, what cries out for examining is the intent and overall loyalty of Love.  Obviously, Rep. Love is a citizen and her oath of office is a show of loyalty to our Constitution, America and to her constituents.  Yet, given her thoughts, it would seem that at best, she is torn between her Haitian ties and her American upbringing.

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This is very disconcerting and indicative of our current immigration folly.  Just what constitutes being an American?  Passing the citizenship test only means that one can memorize the necessary particulars.  But, what about  one’s heart?  If push comes to shove with Rep. Love, what priority will prevail?   Her critical remarks of a debate, which now, can only be judged from hearsay, may prioritize her roots over her national origin.

This example extends much further that just to the Representative.  This covers all which the democrats are so urgently pushing for amnesty and eventual citizenship.  Loyalty, despite passing a test for citizenship, remains an uncertainty since its testing is often realized from both the most urgent of decision making and critical if not dangerous environs.  So, while we naturalize the immigrant with the American brand, it is often in name only, not necessarily in the heart.

Such was the case recently in a patriotic setting.  A first time attendee and his naturalized Russian born wife took part and were quite respectful and participating.  Also in attendance were a handful of high school seniors.  At the meeting’s conclusion, the host ran a brief DVD of an interview with a Russian KGB defector.  Upon its ending and without any hesitation, that naturalized American, who was born in Russia jumped up, stood in a rigid military stance and began to loudly shout about “her country” and it wasn’t America!  Naturally, the high school contingent listened in shock.   This heated display is indicative of what America’s citizenship test never can address.

This American lady was all Russian despite her decades of living in American comfort.  Her voice was loud, militarily forceful and directed at the young.  She went so far as to repeatedly call that defector a liar.

Now, I’m not attempting to link Rep. Love with this disloyal individual but her comments could be construed to raise doubt of her personal priorities.  Above all, Love exhibits something other than a logical and reserved approach as to what was supposedly said.  For a Congress person to join with this racial chorus while ignoring the obvious economic meaning is a bit of a jolt since “the power of the pen” apparently extends its mischief into the halls of Congress.

In closing, given the track record of the democrats and their media cohorts, and again since Trump’s election, I would hesitate in commenting upon something which has yet to be established.  Especially when two attending Senators discount what is being headlined!  Sen. Perdue, of Georgia said, “I am telling you that he did not say that word,” along with Sen Cotton, of Arkansas adding “that he ‘didn’t hear’ the vulgar word used.”

Again, Love’s comments may reveal an unknown and systemic problem regarding the true loyalty of at least a portion of today’s legal immigrants who memorize so well!

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