TN Teacher Faces Lawsuit After Locking 4-Year-Old in Locker Numerous Times

When I was in elementary school, we got spanked by the teacher if we misbehaved in class. Now granted, that was two decades ago and less politically correct. We minded our manners, said “Yes, sir” and “No, ma’am”, and we got a swift swat on the butt if we acted up.

If you ask me, there was absolutely nothing wrong with that. In fact, I think kids growing up today could use a good butt-whoopin’. Maybe then they wouldn’t be such sensitive little fairies.

However, there are punishments that are way across the line, political correctness or not. Teachers locking a child in a locker as punishment is child abuse. If I ever found out that a teacher did that to my child, well lets just say that words wouldn’t be the only thing exchanged.

Unfortunately for one Nashville, Tennessee family, this nightmare is a reality.

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The Tennessean reports:

An elementary school employee entered a Nashville school room in August after hearing pleas for help and saw a teacher physically restraining a 4-year-old boy in a locker, according to a lawsuit filed Thursday morning in Davidson County Circuit Court.

The employee immediately sought help from the principal at Neely’s Bend Elementary School, who also reportedly went to the classroom and saw the teacher near the locker as the boy climbed out, according to the lawsuit.

The teacher restrained the kindergarten student in a locker three times, according to the lawsuit.

The lawsuit claims that, “(The boy) has suffered emotional distress arising out of this assault and false imprisonment. (The boy) is afraid of the dark, must sleep with someone, and experiencing severe nightmares.”

A spokesman for the Tennessee Department of Children’s Services confirmed the state agency is also investigating the allegation.

The teacher is “out of school for an undetermined time,” according to statements attributed to the school principal in the lawsuit.

A Metro Nashville Public Schools spokeswoman confirmed the teacher is on “administrative leave.”

“What we can confirm is that the person who suspected abuse notified DCS and immediately notified the school principal, who responded appropriately to a case of suspected child abuse against a school employee,” said Michelle Michaud, public information officer for Metro schools.

Because the young boy is a minor, all legal proceeding must go through his mother. They are suing the MNPS as well as the teacher for the following: negligence, inflicting emotional distress, battery, assault, false imprisonment, in addition to misconduct.

They are suing for $500,000 from the teacher, and an addition $300,000 for the school district.


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