Times Square Official Car Attack Story Falls Apart

In a horrific turn of events yesterday, a driver in New York City’s Times Square plowed through crowds of innocent bystanders, leaving a path of destruction and death in his wake.

Law enforcement was quick to conclude that the incident had no terrorism ties, and that the driver must have been extremely intoxicated.  The first photos from the scene almost allowed for this version of the story to stick.  There was a maroon Honda vehicle, upended against some bollards on a corner in Times Square – a drunk driver could surely have taken that corner too wide or too shallow and gassed when he should have braked.  If you blinked, you would have missed the rest of the news coverage.

Then, as people began investigating the incident independently, a new narrative appeared to emerge.

In a video too graphic to be published here, you can clearly see that the driver, now identified at Richard Rojas, calmly and methodically allowed cars to merge in front of him at one traffic light before turning right, positioning his car on the sidewalk, and cruising for blocks while aiming for pedestrians and avoiding innumerable other objects in his path.  All the while, the Honda maintained course and accelerated.

The first story from the police didn’t stick.  They claimed that Rojas was intoxicated, yet blew a 0.0 on the breathalyzer.

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Then there were murmurs about marijuana causing Rojas to go off the rails.  Ask any hippy you know whether or not this is plausible.

Finally, the police settled on the clandestine, evil boogeyman known as PCP; a rarely used drug in today’s modern middle class society that has fallen out of favor even with the addictively hopeless homeless.  To further bolster their story, the police added that Rojas confessed that “God made him do it”.

Rojas, after traveling a great many blocks, at a high rate of speed, without swerving, finally came to rest after striking concrete bollard barriers that were obscured from his view by the pedestrians he was so cruelly aiming for.

While the motivation for the attacks remain, officially, that Rojas was high on PCP and heard voices, more information regarding Rojas has now come to light, including a violent incident from his recent past.

“The decorated Navy veteran who drove through a crowd of people in Times Square and killed a young woman Thursday had been arrested seven days prior for pulling a knife on a man he didn’t know and asking, ‘Do you feel safe?’ police said.

“Richard Rojas, 26, a former sailor who left the Navy under a dark cloud in 2014 and never served overseas, was arrested May 11 when he grabbed the neck of a 45-year-old man with his left hand and pointed a kitchen knife at him inside his Walton Avenue home, near East Mount Eden Avenue, about 8:12 p.m., according to police and prosecutors.

“‘Do you feel safe? You stole my identity,’ Rojas told the man, according to police.

“He was arrested for menacing and criminal possession of a weapon, but was allowed to walk free the day of his arraignment after the Bronx District Attorney’s office offered him a plea deal for harassment 2, a violation, and gave him a conditional discharge at his arraignment before Judge Linda Poust Lopez.”

While there is no way of telling the truth behind the bizarre and tragic incident at this time, a great many Americans are questioning the official story.

Could Rojas, after years of highly-skilled military service, simply have lost his mind?  Had Rojas been radicalized after his time in the Navy?  Did he actually smoke PCP?  And if so, how was he able to operate his vehicle with such precision for so long, while politely allowing cars to merge ahead of him just seconds before the event?


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