Time to Start Getting Optimistic About the Upcoming Elections?

Oh boy.

I don’t want to jinx anything with a post like this… but with all of the bad news from around the globe, I really wanted to write something optimistic.

So here goes.

The most recent polls of battleground states, and the mostly Democrat incumbents hoping to hold onto their seats, shows much reason fro GOP voters to be optimistic!

On CNN, John King was talking about the most recent polling in relation to why the President has decided not to act on immigration reform – but he points out how all of the polling seems to show the voters shifting towards the Republican Party.

We already know that the Republican Party has three seats all but locked down – South Dakota, West Virginia and Montana. These three seats had been held by Democrats (West Virginia since the 1950s), but are now comfortably in the Republican Party’s corner. In the only Red states up for grabs, Republicans are getting more and more comfortable with their leads, as Georgia and Kentucky continue to move towards the GOP. Democrats also seem to have shot themselves in the foot in Kansas. So that leaves 9 Democrat seats that hold possibilities for the GOP.

GOP winsThe best chance for the GOP to win back the Senate lies in securing Alaska, Arkansas and Louisiana. All three are Democrat seats in very Republican states. Right now, things look good for the GOP in these states, as the Republican candidate is leading the Democrat in polling of all three.

But we don’t want to stop with a simple majority, do we? Republicans are also running small leads in North Carolina and Michigan and small deficits in Iowa and Colorado. The purple states of Minnesota and New Hampshire also offer hope for the GOP.

The point of this exercise is to show that we have reason for optimism this November.  We can wrest control of the entire legislature from Democrat hands and use the now “nuclear” Senate to further hinder Obama’s plans. Every judge that will come up for nomination will now easily be defeated, thanks to Senator Reid’s “nuclear” malfeasance. And if we can win the Presidential election of 2016… then any judge a Republican candidate nominates will have an easy stroll to Senate approval. My fellow Republicans, 2014 is the key to shifting the political tide of the next decade. We need to win, and we need to win BIG.

Get excited. Get your friends excited. Let’s turn 2014’s midterms into a wave election, then let’s hold our leaders feet to the fire and demand more conservative governance.

(For more – check out HotAir’s great coverage of our reasons to be optimistic.)

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