Thugs Protest, Start Digging Up Body of Confederate General & KKK Leader

Wow. I would make a joke about digging up the past but this isn’t a laughing matter. People are fed up with the thugs of the left, and now we have to also deal with the rebuttal of a racist alt-right.

The alt-right does not represent the right. Conservatives are not those people. However, as much as I hate to say it, it was only a matter of time before these people emerged from the shadows. When we have thug groups like Black Lives Matter and Antifa destroying cities, trying to erase history, and being allowed to run rampant, then there is going to be a rebuttal. With that being said, all the hate groups are absolute idiots.

There is a huge movement right now to rip down statues and monuments from the civil war because they are allegedly “racist.” If you have not heard about it then you have been living under a rock.

However, the protestors have take things to a whole new level. Not only do they want the statues out of the cities, but they also want the bodies of alleged KKK leader and Lieutenant General Nathan Bedford Forrest. Claiming the the city is taking too long to remove his body, they began digging.

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Daily Mail reports:

They also want the statue of the soldier on a horse on the burial site to be removed. The rebel cavalryman, who died in 1877, has been buried in the city’s Health Sciences Park since 1904.

The city’s mayor, AC Wharton, began a push to remove the body and statue in the wake of the church shooting in Charleston, South Carolina, but needs approval from several branches of government before he can take action.

Members of the protest group, who call themselves the Commission on Religion and Racism, removed only a small patch of grass from the park, but threatened to return with heavy machinery to tear down the wartime symbol.

Isaac Richmond, the group’s leader, told local station WREG: ‘If he’s gone, some of this racism and race-hate might be gone. We got a fresh shovel full, and we hope that everybody else will follow suit and dig him up.

‘We are going to bring the back hoe, the tractors and the men with the equipment to raise Bedford Forrest from the soil of Memphis.’

I am actually dumbfounded at the lengths these people are going to in order to have their way. The guy is dead! Not only is he dead but he is a U.S. Veteran!

One man even drove some 270 miles to replace the turf after being dismayed by footage of the digging.

The Memphis city council has already approved a resolution to remove the statue and dig up the body, which was moved to the park from a private cemetery in 1904.

However, a recent state heritage law prevents any more memorials to historical figures from the Civil War from being renamed without approval from a government commission, which could prevent the statue from being moved.

Forrest, a lieutenant general in the Confederate States Army, has memorials in his name across Tennessee, including a bust in the state capitol, a high school and a building at Middle Tennessee State University.

So what? After the vandalize and terrorize and possibly get the body removed, then what? There are still going to be racist people. This does nothing but attempt to whitewash history.

When will people understand that?

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