Three Thugs Attempted to Rob an 80-Year Old Man – It Didn’t End Well for Them

Once again, the inalienable right to self-defense comes in handy for an innocent American citizen.

Just last week, an 80-year old man in Fairmont, West Virginia, was awoken in the middle of the night by someone knocking on his front door. Wisely, he answered the door with a concealed firearm. Upon opening the door, a young woman begged to use his phone and was quickly followed into the house by two seemingly armed thugs. The men brandished their weapons and threatened the elderly man while informing him that he was being robbed. However, this was no shrinking violet they were dealing with, and the man swiftly pulled his own weapon and opened fire.

Three of the four shots connected with their intended targets and the elderly homeowner then contacted the police. When the authorities arrived they found the elderly man waiting in front of his home with the bodies of two of the tree intruders. One, 28-year old Larry Shaver was dead from a gunshot to the head, the other, John Grossklaus, had been incapacitated by a gunshot to the abdomen.

In the investigation that ensued the elderly homeowner was obviously cleared of any wrongdoing, even as the police found that the guns used in the attempted robbery were realistic pellet guns. The police also concluded that this hadn’t been the first crime that the violent criminals had committed that fateful evening.

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Fairmont CrimeGrossklaus has been charged with another robbery, assault during the commission of a felony, and conspiracy to commit a felony for crimes committed against a man just a few blocks from where the older gentleman was assaulted. There is information that Grossklaus and Shaver confronted a 31 year old male walking home on 10th Street, demanded items from his person, then physically assaulted him. Marion County Rescue Squad transported this victim to Fairmont Regional Medical Center where he was treated for head injuries.

Had the confrontation with the elderly man escalated similarly it may not have been the criminal who was found dead, but the innocent victim instead.

Once again, the wisdom of our Founders’ decision to enshrine our innate right to self-defense in the Bill of Rights is vindicated. While our friends and allies across the Western world continue to lose this ability, we Americans staunchly stand for our inalienable right to defend ourselves.

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