Three of the Best Commercials of the 2016 Campaign just Dropped, and You Need to See Them!


The Cruz campaign for the White House has proven itself to be incredibly adept at navigating both the interpersonal, door-to-door ground game and the online media driven culture game. In the wake of his surprising (in a good way) 3rd place finish in New Hampshire, Senator [score]Ted Cruz[/score] (R-TX) and his campaign have released three new ads to run in South Carolina (and perhaps around the country). The first two are focused primarily on Republican primary voters in the Palmetto State, and they are meant to remind everyone of who Donald Trump has been over the years.

This add dropped on February 11th and it tells the story of Vera Coking, a woman whose home Mr. Trump tried to take after she refused to sell to him. When Coking refused his advances, Trump pushed the government to force her out unjustly using “Eminent Domain” laws against her. Coking took Atlantic City and Trump to court, where she won, stifling Trump’s crony (and immoral) use of the local government.

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The other primary focused ad dropped on February 9th was a much more playful take on a serious matter. And it simply asks South Carolina parents if they would allow their kids to behave the way Donald Trump does.

Both ads are brilliant uses of emotion and logic and both will no doubt impact the race in South Carolina. However, neither of these ads is as perfectly prepared and delivered as the ad Senator Cruz released hammering Hillary Clinton. Titled, “It Feels Good to be a Clinton.” The Cruz campaign spoofed a cult-comedy film favorite called Office Space to perfectly encapsulate who Hillary Clinton is. I expect that we’ll see much more of this ad over the next few months.

Share these with everyone. The Cruz campaign’s ad department is genius.

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