Three Little Letters We Can’t Seem to Avoid

Try as I might, there’s just no getting away from those three little letters, CFR!  From some of my previous pieces, readers will know that this is the alphabet version of the Council on Foreign Relations.  So, this morning’s print tightened my britches just a wee bit when reading two vastly diverse accounts, from two different publications. Still, both were tied at the hip with those three letters.

One account, entitled, “Dems who opposed Iran nuke deal urge Trump to keep pact,” drew my interest immediately.  This AP piece concerned the switching of one’s previous vote from being against the Iranian nuclear deal, supposedly since Trump is President.  Of course, with current political feathers still flying on both sides of the aisle, due to that November shocker, this on again-off again allegiance is to be expected, as the Obamacare back and forth has shockingly taught us.

However, what caught my attention was the unmasking of those charged with making that disastrous Iran deal in the first place!  First and foremost, Mr. John Kerry, Sec. of State, followed by Mr. Ernest Moniz, Energy Secretary and finally, a Ms. Wendy Sherman, Undersecretary of State for political affairs.  This account detailed how these three met with European ambassadors “behind closed doors.”

Talk about a fixed deal?  All three were and are CFR members.  Not only that, one of the Representatives cited in the article with changing his vote, Rep. Eliot Engel, D. N.Y., is also a CFR member.

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Meanwhile, a Wall Street Journal article, U.S. Sets Goal: Dilute Nafta, informs about both our President’s insistence to renegotiate this lopsided Nafta deal and those who would balk at such a revision.

One anti-revisionist in none other than Mr. Thomas Donohue, president of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.  Need I also cite his CFR credentials?  He is quoted saying, “We’ve reached a critical moment.”  Also, the article describes Mr. Donohue’s position as “fighting his own government’s plans.”

Donohue’s position is aided by Trump’s own U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer, who again is another like minded CFR guy who tried to be positive with his brief quote of “have made good progress.”

Not to depress but even the stoutest doubter must wonder about just who or what interest is defining America’s past and current policies and of course why Trump’s shocking victory upsets more that just our Congressional thin skins!

These two humongous deals have one thing in common, the shafting of America!  Also identified within these two accounts are those doing the shafting.  All I managed was to connect the dots to the globalist organization which directs them!

Consider the dominance just within these two ongoing issues.   America’s total representation at the Iran Nuclear deal and those currently against a common sense revision of a one sided trade pact are all CFR!  Is it any wonder that the only spokesman for America is the outsider, our President?

Much needs to change in Washington but it must start with the average non-elitist becoming the people’s elected representative.  This is the only assurance for avoiding this entrenched and dominating influence.  The CFR’s voice and its will has saturated all field of endeavors.

America’s charted slide has been halted by an outsider who owes no one a penny!  He only cares about and loves his Country.  Is he rambunctious with his remarks and tweets?  Seems that way, but Mom always said that “the truth hurts.”  And the truth is that the vast majority of Americans are unaware of the CFR’s existence, let alone its everyday influence and control.  That in itself should alarm us into a jealous defense of all that we have been blessed with!

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