Three Liberals WE HAVE to DEFEAT in November

If you’ve read Eagle Rising for any length of time, then you know that we aren’t exactly the most “moderate” of Republicans. We have argued vociferously against Republicans like John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Susan Collins and many others.

Which puts us in a conundrum when we look at three Senate races that are coming down to the wire in 2014. Kansas, Kentucky, and my home state of Georgia.

In all three of thee states, the GOP has given conservatives like us a raw deal and nominated candidates that we do not prefer.

In Kentucky, Senate Minority leader Mitch McConnell is on the ballot again, and while McConnell is hardly a liberal, he is far too cozy with the corrupt culture of politics that Washington, D.C. breeds.

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In Kansas, Pat Roberts is conservative enough when he speaks of his stances on political issues, but the man can just barely call himself a Kansan anymore. He lives in D.C. and his constituents don’t believe that he has any idea about what they need. He too, like McConnell, has become a fixture in the D.C. political game, and it has ruined the connection he used to enjoy with Kansas.

In Georgia, David Perdue is likely the “worst” of the three Republicans. He calls himself a conservative because he is a Georgia Republican, but when it comes to growing government, he’s not that much different from a Georgia Democrat. He supports the Common Core, he is weak on abortion, he wants to fix, not end, Dodd-Frank, he supports an internet sales tax and thinks the federal government does need to address healthcare. (You can see it all here at RedState.)

All of these problems are real. These GOP candidates are HORRIBLE for conservative voters like me – but they are exactly who the establishment wanted. What this election should teach conservatives is that we can’t trust the GOP and we have to work harder to get our conservative candidates to win in the primaries.

Yet, here I come, hat in hand… asking you to hold your nose and vote for two of these terrible candidates (McConnell and Roberts) and to seriously consider voting for the third (Perdue).

Here’s why – these GOP candidates suck (especially David Perdue who is historically bad), but they aren’t anywhere near as bad as the Democrats they face.

In Kansas, a liberal Democrat named Greg Orman dumped the Democrat label and chose to run as an independent, hoping that Kansas voters would forget that he was a liberal and choose him over the Republican that they were quickly beginning to despise (Roberts).

Watch as he ducks an easy question about Obamacare.


In Kentucky, liberal Democrat Alison Lundergan Grimes is campaigning against McConnell, and if elected, would simply be a rubber stamp for whatever the Democrat caucus wanted to accomplish. She’s not an intellectual or a philosopher and listening to her responses on any of a number of serious issues… she’s just a talking point parrot. She doesn’t have an original thought in her conversation, it’s all warmed over Democrat blather. If that’s all she is now, then that is all she’ll be when she arrives in Washington.

Jones: If a vote came up to repeal Obamacare, what would you vote?

Grimes: I’ve said that the Affordable Care Act in this state, KYnect, we have over half a million people that are getting insurance for the first time. It’s not perfect, we’ve got to work to fix it, but we need a Senator there that wants to fix it.

Jones: So you would not vote to repeal it?

Grimes: I would vote to continue to fix Kynect. We’ve seen our Governor’s courage help people to get insurance for the first time. To get check ups, get prescriptions filled, to actually go see a doctor before school starts.

Grimes: These are all good things. Mitch McConnell refuses to realize the lives that are at stake here in the state because he wants to put out over heated and inflamed political party rhetoric, and we can’t have any more of that.


In Georgia, Michelle Nunn is worse than just being a liberal Democrat – she is the same kind of political animal that every American hates. Every word and every action from the Nunn campaign has been carefully calculated with political math, she is one of the least authentic candidates in America.


Even Chuck Todd thinks she’s terrible.


All of that to say, our GOP candidates in these three states are… underwhelming… but their liberal opponents are a travesty. McConnell and Roberts are old and have been weakened by this race – perhaps that will make them more “pliable” in their next term. I hope that with greater conservative influence in both the House and the Senate we can push them both to vote more conservatively over the next 6 years.

I don’t have the same kind of hope for Perdue. I honestly can’t bring myself to say anything positive about him… other than that he is better then Michelle Nunn.

Sorry, that’s all I got.

Anyway, come November please remember that as bad an option McConnell, Roberts and Perdue seem to be, their opponents are magnitudes worse.

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