Thousands of “Police Lives Matter” Demonstrators March in Houston!

In Houston, Texas an amazing event took place on Saturday when thousands of demonstrators took to the streets to support their local police. The march was ostensibly to honor the life of Deputy Darren Goforth, who was assassinated by a coward while fueling his car at a gas station.

The purpose and message of the event was to communicate across the nation that “Police Lives Matter.” Participants wore blue shirts and carried a banner that read “Police Lives Matter” and had a picture of Deputy Goforth.

At the service, Sgt. Shannon Bowdoin, the Sheriff’s Office chaplain, talked about Kathleen Goforth’s wishes for her husband’s memory.

“We are not going to focus on revenge or getting even or repercussions or anything of that nature,” Bowdoin said. “What she wants to focus on is … healing this family, the Sheriff’s Office, the law enforcement community and the nation as a whole.”

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Police Lives Matter
Polive Lives Matter2

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