This Video of Ted Cruz Proves He’s the Candidate You Should be Supporting

Senator Ted Cruz appeared on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert earlier this week and while it wasn’t a resounding success for the presidential candidate, I’d say it was indeed a success.

Colbert is best known for his turn as the faux-conservative host of a “Bill O’Reilly-esque” spoof on Comedy Central that was known as the Colbert Report and so conservatives are always going to have to be wary around him. However, on this visit with Cruz, Colbert did an excellent job not being combative (even if made no attempt to hide his own biases), but what is really amazing about this clip is what it shows us about Ted Cruz.

Cruz has always been ready to debate policy, whether in the Senate or on the street, whether facing down a fellow Senator or simply talking with a liberal protester. He is the best conservative apologist in Congress, and he showed it again on the Late Show. In just under 5 minutes Cruz proves why he should be the candidate that every conservative is clamoring to support. Whether on gay marriage, religious freedom, cutting taxes, cutting spending, cutting regulations, creating jobs or championing democracy… Cruz is always ready to explain why it is we conservatives believe what we do. Even better, he does it with a great sense of humor and a whole lot of grace.

At one point Cruz observes (and Colbert agrees) that when others attack him personally (both conservatives and liberals) he never returns the favor in like kind. For Cruz, none of this is about HIM… it’s all about making America the best that it can be.

Please, please, please – for the good of our nation, our party and our world… consider giving Ted Cruz your support.

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