This Undeniable Proof: Their Vulgar Rage Has Become Threatening

Since that evening back in November of 2016, when all the “so sure” prognosticators stylized their sometimes vulgar rage, the insults from this non-stop anti-Trump campaign have now become threatening.

Dismissing the shock value from his victory, a duly elected President should not have to cope with an orchestrated effort to sway the official count from our system of State electors. This particular anti-Trump plot seems long ago, given what has continued, yet this implied political opposition masks the fact that after all these months, it’s rebellion that’s at the forefront.

The term ‘rebellion’ seems to hold the same connotation as does that ‘C’ word, ‘communism.’ Too harsh and threatening while possibly sparking public awareness. ‘Resisting’ offers a much broader scope of sympathy, given that the irrelevant ‘popular vote numbers’ suggest support for voicing one’s opposition. But, how long is this a normal exercise?

Briefly, an overview of Trump positives, which have benefited America, surely should dampen such push back. That is if the media’s proper role was maintained. So, having this negative attitude still frothing about in the public square casts a suspicious eye towards our news and information sources.

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It’s just common sense that such negativity cannot maintain its base in lieu of such optimistic breakthroughs. When comparing the usual ‘black eye’ from embarrassing statements, which usually forms the norm of today’s news formats, where are those utterances from Obama when arrogantly disposing his cell phone, he uttered something about, at least I’ll be remembered as a President? Or how about another whiff, “those jobs just aren’t coming back.”

Both statements and subsequent lack of coverage attests to the media’s inherent partiality and bias. As such, to take offense from the charge of promoting “fake” news is not only over the top and disingenuous, it denotes a defensive strategy so as to avoid public recognition and understanding.

It’s hard not to notice the brevity of time required for this economic turn around. It implies an ease, a normality of steps which only needed a proper intent. Just as a non-politician unmasks the ineptness of the career oriented, so does this economic reversal

This poses questions, not only to the methods but to the purpose of such an economic stagnation. Throughout history, the growth of socialism or communism has been rooted in the poorer locales. After all, who would want to share, according to the needs of others, the profitable fruits from one’s efforts? Hence, lacking those fruits, what is there to lose?

This coincides with the fact that in today’s classrooms, so much has been deleted from what was considered essential to the student and for the betterment of America. Consider that the daily prayer has long since been eradicated and for the most part, so has the Pledge. With this ‘new age’ Common Core curriculum replacing paper and pencil standards, in addition to our ageless cursive writing skills, on the street interviews attest to just how uninformed and ill equipped are the younger Americans.

Today‘s curriculums have discarded the centerpiece of American history as classroom study and thought delve into multiculturalism, diversity, gender equality and even socialism.

Although seemingly apart and disconnected, there seems to be an existing symmetry between America’s previous economic numbers and the current curriculums found in academia. When high school and college level students begin to favor socialism over free markets and capitalism, that gulf has been bridged.

Today’s discontent with yesterday’s election is not from the individual voter’s shock and dismay. We have all experienced supporting a losing candidate. Remember the hair line between Bush and Gore? So no, this is more than what is being rallied around. This is the anarchy of social overthrow; of the systematic steps conducive to a socialist rebellion.

If we can be at peace with our anger and discord over a renewed and successful nation, then ridding our classrooms and our individual hearts of America’s Pledge, one in which we recite, “…and to the Republic for which it stands one nation under God…” now seems only as a necessary step in our journey towards the bread lines of socialism and its slavery.

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