This Political Insider Says Assange has “Political DYNAMITE” for October!

Political consultant Roger Stone was interviewed by conservative radio host Dana Loesch about what Julian Assange might have planned for the month of October.

Stone clarified that he had not actually met with Julian Assange or even talked with him, but rather communicated with him through a mutual friend of theirs. Here’s what he had to say:

“I happen to be one who thinks that Assange is a hero. I think Assange has taken on the ruling elite of both left and right. The left loved Julian Assange when he exposed the dark secrets of the Bushes, and here he is exposing the dark secrets of the Establishment.

“I believe Mr. Assange has all of the emails that Huma Abedin and Cheryl Mills –the two top Clinton aides– believed they had destroyed. So if that is true and he releases them through this election, as he released strategically the DNC documents that showed that Hillary basically had to cheat to screw Bernie out of the Democratic nomination; and the complicity of Debbie Wasserman Schultz who was a mole – never mind her responsibilities as Democratic National Committee Chairwoman – for which she’s almost immediately rewarded – like a brazen reward.

“So, Assange is going to be very influential in this election, because he is going to be educating the American people about the Clintons.”

“Let’s assume that those who destroyed the email records made the political calculation that they would take less heat for having an unsecured secret illegal server and erasing the stuff they thought was problematic than they would take for the emails being read. That means whatever is in them must be political dynamite!”

So, what does this mean? I know we’re all hoping for something explosive come October. But I can’t help but recall that Assange also said in a recent interview – the one where he hinted at Seth Rich being one of his sources – that WikiLeaks doesn’t “sit on material.” How do you reconcile that with the possibility that Assange is waiting to create an October surprise? I guess we’ll have to find out.


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