This One Encounter Shows HILLARY Has the Temperament Issue, not Trump

A lover of pets, Hillary Clinton is not.

A recent story told by a former soldier may shed more light on Hillary Clinton’s prickly personality, but it shouldn’t really be that surprising. Eric Bonner, a military K9 handler, is fairly vocal about his political views on his Facebook page and he recently explained why he would not be supporting Hillary Clinton. It wasn’t necessarily about her political views; his reasons stemmed from the one time that he personally met (and was spoken to) by the Democrat candidate for President.

Here’s the story:

Eric Bonner Facebook Hillary

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While Bonner’s interactions with both President George W. Bush and President Obama were more pleasant, his encounter with Hillary Clinton was far from it. While Bonner was working as security for her visit to Turkey and he and his K9 partner were sweeping her vehicle and quarters to ensure her safety, he remembers her telling him to “Get that f***ing dog away from me,” before she turned to berate her security detail. Something which Bonner claims the detail leader told him “happens every day.”

This one short but memorable encounter has led Bonner to believe that Hillary Clinton doesn’t actually “care about anyone but Hillary.”

It’s a disturbing story and it gives an important insight into the kind of person that Hillary Clinton really is. While you may not believe this anecdote, or the DOZENS of similar stories from DOZENS of other people who have had similarly terrible encounters with the Democrat candidate, SNOPES reports that the facts to the story all seem plausible and fit the timeline of actual events.

Needless to say, Bonner’s story quickly went viral after he posted it last week, and almost immediately he ran into trouble with the powers that be at Facebook. While his account is now back in functioning order, Bonner reports that the day after he posted his story Facebook temporarily suspended his account!

More from Bonner:

Screen Shot 2016-08-05 at 3.03.42 PM

Yep. Facebook suspended his account because they wanted him to provide a “government ID” verifying his real name.

While this type of thing does happen, the timing of the suspension seems rather curious, doesn’t it? A negative post about Hillary Clinton goes viral and the very next day Facebook decides to suspend the person’s account?

Thankfully, Bonner is back online and his account has been unsuspended, allowing his story to continue to be shared far and wide across the Internet. I hope you’ll share it too, because America needs to understand who Hillary Clinton really is before they elect her to the presidency.

Oh, by the way, this isn’t a post from someone who is a big fan of Donald Trump either. Mr. Bonner says in an earlier post that, “I think Trump is a bad choice as well. And I may reserve my right NOT to vote this election. Nobody has EARNED my vote.”

So this story has nothing to do with making Donald Trump president; instead it’s all about how terrible Hillary Clinton would be for America.

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